10 Smart Ways to Save on Azure Costs – Without Reducing Benefits

There’s no denying that cloud has been a game changer. The majority of businesses are using cloud technologies for good reason, and we’re no exception. It is fair to say that we are some of Microsoft Azure’s biggest fans – so much so that everyone in our organisation has achieved certification. Still, cloud overspend is common: research suggests that around a third of cloud spend is wasted. We’ve put together the 10 best ways you can cut your Azure costs, without reducing your benefits.

How to Select an ERP System That Will Work Hardest for Your Business

From new businesses to the best-known brands, everyone depends on daily activities that make sure products and services are delivered, income is processed, and staff are paid. The ERP system that best suits the organisation in its early days is unlikely to still fit after the next major growth milestone, and whether you’re starting out or have years of success behind you, ERP choices can be make or break.

The Biggest Cyber-Security Risks Hurting Small and Medium Businesses

The Australian Cyber Security Centre stated recently that ‘small businesses can be big targets for cyber-criminals’, citing a study showing 62% of small businesses had been a victim of a cyber security incident. While small and medium businesses may be less obvious targets than, say, ASIO or the big four banks, they are also a softer target. After all, there is a far lower chance of getting caught if they steal a low amount from many small businesses.

Missing Something? The 10 Microsoft 365 Features Businesses Should Not Overlook

In a year as challenging as 2020, it would be easy to cling to the familiar. Most of us are comfortable with using the best-known Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and lockdowns prompted us to embrace collaboration apps like Teams. Yet new features are added frequently, and it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone to explore some of these often-overlooked additions.

The 8 Big Internet Risks – and How to Address Them

Where would we have been in 2020 without the internet? It would be hard to think of a more essential business tool. From Teams meetings to online school, not to mention the many cloud apps that make it possible to work remotely, the internet is at the centre of our 2020 survival kit. Still, it doesn’t come without risks. The more we venture out into the online world, the more we invite that world into our makeshift workplaces. Here are some of the common pitfalls to look out for – and suggestions about how to sidestep them.

The 8 Business Strategies that Helped TechPath Make Work from Home a Success

In the tech industry, we like to think we cope well with change. No matter how adept we are at learning emerging technologies and embracing new concepts, though, 2020 has still presented a steep learning curve for everyone. Now, as we have more time to take stock, we’ve been visiting what we have learned about the sudden change to our working environment. I’d like to share eight strategies that have worked well for us – hopefully, it will help others through the challenging months ahead.