Published on:

12 March 2020


Rachael Adams

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Can Your Business Work From Home?

With recent health concerns around the world, enquiries about remote working arrangements have increased dramatically. Many businesses have already begun assessing business continuity and workplace policies to ensure they are prepared should they be affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

TechPath has contingency plans in place to continue to operate and service the needs of our customers, even if our office or team are subject to quarantine.

Can your employees work from home?

Now is the perfect time to assess work scheduling and remote working arrangements. Although it is COVID-19 now, it could be something else down the track, so investing energy now is time not wasted.

Your team will require secure access to company systems, data and documents, phones, and videoconferencing. It is a good idea for employees to sit down with their manager, walk through their daily responsibilities, determine what can be completed remotely, and how working from home will impact the team.

How can the cloud help?

Cloud technologies have made it so much easier for your team to work from any location. Microsoft 365 lets employees work from anywhere on any device, with built in security measures to keep data safe. Microsoft Teams is part of most subscriptions and lets you easily communicate with those who are working remotely, collaborate on files, and stay in touch using instant messaging and video conferencing.

You will need to check if remote access is available for other business applications too. TechPath can help you assess what is required to get your team working efficiently from different locations.

What if my business isn’t in the cloud?

TechPath can help with remote access for server-based applications and determine the best approach to continue business operations.

What about phone systems?

For businesses using cloud phone systems, there may be instances where the office handset can be relocated to home. Alternatively, an app can be installed on your computer or mobile phone that can act as your phone extension. If it is a temporary measure, diverting to employees’ mobile phones may be a simpler option.

What else can I do?

  • Check that staff personal details and emergency contacts are up to date
  • Ensure workplace health and safety policies are up to date
  • Build/review business contingency plan
  • Keep staff regularly updated on health alerts and travel restrictions
  • Communicate with suppliers regularly about current and foreseeable stock shortages
  • Enhance hygiene by encouraging employees to wash their hands often with soap and water and providing hand sanitiser throughout the office
  • Encourage employees who are unwell to take time off or work from home
  • Avoid unnecessary travel (use video conferencing instead)

If you would like to learn more or review your specific circumstances, contact the TechPath team for a free discussion.