Published on:

28 February 2019


Rachael Adams

CX: Creating Experiences in 2019

After what seemed like a month, the entire year of 2018 has passed, and the new year is upon us. We tend to treat each year as a new beginning, a fresh start where we can tackle those new year resolutions.

This year my ‘work new year’s resolution’ is intentional customer experience; intentionally building and nurturing relationships and experiences with everyone who interacts with our company.

This may seem ambiguous; however, my intention is to focus on how easy it is to interact with TechPath, find the barriers, and break them down to make improvements.

2019 will see an even greater shift in the social and emotional purchasing of goods and services, with convenience replacing cost, and experiences replacing transactions.

If I asked company owners that interact with us how much revenue they achieved in 2018, many if not all would have a clearly defined answer. Even if they didn’t want to share that knowledge you can guarantee they would know the figure. If I asked them how many experiences they created, or indeed how many relationships they intentionally nurtured, an answer would almost certainly be non-existent. But why? Why do we not know the answer if we know that these are fast becoming the most important business focuses of the current and future marketspace?

There are a few compounding reasons, the first being we simply don’t track them, and we still don’t see the value in knowing such data.

Luckily these challenges are easily resolved with a customer experience program and the software to track them. TechPath have used an in-house CX platform to track feedback, and although this improved customer experience exponentially it was unable to run a deep analysis.

In 2019, TechPath will launch a new CX platform to tackle these very important points. With deeper analytics, greater transparency, and more data, we will be able to solve current and future challenges, build stronger relationships and deliver amazing experiences.

Reaching out to our customers and discussing their feedback in-depth is key. Recording this within our platform so that we can run further analysis with some clever AI smarts like word analysis and cross industry analytics, helps us build a greater understanding of our customer and to deliver well above expectations.

So, ask yourself, how many experiences and relationships am I planning to create in 2019?

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