Published on:

30 August 2018


Rachael Adams

Employee Engagement: Overcoming Challenges to Improve CX

A 2017 study by Qualtrics found only 56% of employees in Australia where engaged in their work. The correlation between strong efficient management and employee engagement was shown to affect retention.

  •  56% of employees say their manager consistently acknowledges them for good work
  • 54% of employees say their manager is effective at helping resolve work-related issues
  • 44% of workers say their manager effectively helps them manage their workload
  • Employees who indicated they have managers who consistently acknowledge them for good work are five times more likely to stay in the company.
  • Employees with managers who consistently help them manage their workload are eight times more likely to stay in the company*

Delivering a better customer experience begins with engaged employees, however finding the perfect work life balance can be challenging for many companies.

Providing a flexible and enjoyable working environment pays when striving to become an employer of choice, but there are many other factors to consider.

Managers play a crucial role as the glue that holds a team together, providing relief and strategic pathways to assist employees navigate their day. A good leader will inspire their team, provide ongoing encouragement and recognition, and ultimately determine the experience your customer receives.

Rewarding champions, and encouraging them to lead by example, especially in displaying company values, will go a long way. After all, together we really do achieve more.

Culture and cultural mindset is driven by individuals. An employee who is in a happy and excitable state of mind has a positive sphere of influence, more dangerously, a negative employee has an even greater Impact. Their energy flows outwards, often influencing nearby colleagues, and filtering down to your clients.

An effective way to develop better employee engagement and increase retention is through feedback. Gaining a better understanding of your current cultural collective mindset is a powerful way to build strategies to increase engagement. Leaders should actively listen to an employee’s feedback and consider the associated positive or negative impacts. Using the closed loop feedback method will give consistent results and ensure comments are not only heard but used to create positive change for the company.

Meaningful Change Through Employee Engagement

You may prefer to look to the experts to develop your engagement program, but for those wanting to handle inhouse, there are many new products on the market that can create action plans and assist managers to drive improvements. Surveys can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve overall employee satisfaction. Through these insights, you can create strategies to enhance employee engagement, and equip your team to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Clients are everything, and if our employees are the tools to retain and build better business relationships, then shouldn’t they be the most important asset we have to maintain? Through providing guidance, recognition, ongoing development, and positive work life balance, employees will be happier, healthier and more inspired.

Providing a fun and inspiring work environment remains a key focus at TechPath. Every effort is made to accommodate the variety of personalities and interests, and we run a series of events throughout the year to encourage employee happiness. Recent events have included Bubble Soccer, office social gatherings, family picnics and charity fitness events.


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*Statistics sourced from Qualtrics:

Photo Credit: stewart_jones_photography