Published on:

9 June 2020


Rachael Adams

Juggling Projects and People? Streamline IT Can Help!

‘Streamline IT Gives Businesses Access to Helpdesk Software, For Smoother Day to Day Operations.’

A keyword for all IT and business leaders now is adapt. Whatever your role, if you are involved in keeping your business systems on track, helping clients to stay online, or making sure staff can collaborate, this year has been one big series of adapting to new circumstances. IT professionals are accustomed to dealing with change and thriving on challenges, but by now, fatigue may be setting in.

Our customers are juggling not only the day to day, but a range of accelerated projects, as they navigate a path through this uncertain territory. One of the challenges that many reported to us was keeping track of everything, not only within the team, but keeping the business informed as well. Every email, conference call, or meeting eats into the time available to actually get anything done. When a couple of those customers asked about the system they have seen us develop for our own business, we saw an opportunity to adapt our own offering to help them to streamline their processes.

As you might imagine, in our business, we are working on many projects for many customers. Our help desk is solving problems, the managed services team is applying patches and monitoring system health, there is a lot going on at once, and we must always have visibility and order. We are fortunate to have in-house an entire team of highly skilled technicians, and to make our business run smoothly, they have developed a set of tools that make us efficient. Over years, their efforts have paid off.

When we developed our Streamlined IT tools, we focused on solving some of the everyday frustrations.

We wanted everyone to access the same, consistent documentation, and to be able to see the history of an issue, its current status, and who is assigned responsibility for each task. Given many of our team can be out of the office at any point, it goes without saying that we must access our systems from almost any device, anywhere. It is, after all, the cloud era.

Outside the tech industry, most organisations struggle with having consistent documentation, and a clear view of what each member of the IT department is working on. There may not be a consistent helpdesk system in place. Duplicated effort is commonplace, and if a member of staff leaves the business, they take a lot of knowledge with them that cannot be recovered. It would, of course, be possible to build a system, but without the resources in-house, that would very quickly become an expensive exercise.

When some of our customers discussed this challenge, and commented on the way they saw our helpdesk work, we saw the chance to adapt what we had created to fit in their own environments. We gave them all the tools we use behind the scenes, hosted by us, so that they could be transparent, accountable, and efficient. We gave them the reporting ability, so they can see where the team is spending time, and make sure issues don’t slip through the cracks during busy times.

The reporting was one of the biggest hits of the trial with three key customers.

They’re loving the ability to do better planning, especially using asset-level reporting, warranty information, and performance and usage data. They can quickly gather this information on the Streamline IT dashboard, and use it to see how they can best use the skills and time of their team. Easy identification of compliance and security issues was another area where the time savings were most felt, which is logical given the better visibility of assets and usage.

Those trial customers – in agriculture, day-care and financial industries, quickly found ways to adapt Streamline IT to their own environments. These are organisations that do not want to outsource IT, but want to get the most from their investment. The timing for them could not have been better – as each adapted to their industry’s unique challenges, they had the benefit of tools to help support them. Where IT adapts, they lead the way for the rest of the organisation through the uncertainty.

Time to charge up your IT to peak efficiency? Talk to us about Streamline IT, available for a simple per user, per month subscription.

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