Published on:

23 July 2020


Rachael Adams

Brisbane IT Firm TechPath Invests in ‘Company Wide’ Microsoft Cloud Certifications

Microsoft certifications across the Microsoft 365 and Azure platform adds exceptional value and helps our customers to thrive.

When full-service Brisbane IT company TechPath evaluated the needs of its customers as they navigate a path into the cloud, it became clear that equipping all staff with a strong knowledge of the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms would add exceptional value.

While TechPath already had a number of its technical staff certified on the Microsoft cloud platforms, in mid-2019, the management team hatched an ambitious plan: all customer-facing staff were to train and achieve accreditation in Microsoft 365 and Azure fundamentals. That plan has just reached fruition, with a remarkable 97% of TechPath’s account managers, engineers, and leadership team completing the training on the cloud platform to date, many also achieving accreditation in specialities such as mobility and security.

Troy Adams, managing Director said “Microsoft 365 and Azure offers a set of cloud services that are continually growing to help organisations meet the business challenges they face. We wanted to offer customers the highest level of competence in this key technology, so that we can help them to thrive through the remarkable market disruptions we are seeing,”

Space was set aside in TechPath’s Brisbane HQ to create an exam room, and the entire organisation followed Microsoft training courses, studying hard in a quest to score the best results.

“Doing this as a team brought us together, and a healthy level of competition emerged, with everyone vying to achieve the highest marks. Ultimately, though, the winners are our customers, who enjoy the knowledge that everyone they speak with at TechPath is qualified to guide them along their cloud journey”, Adams said.

While technologies have advanced steadily over recent decades, the emergence of cloud has seen a more rapid acceleration, and the right advice is needed for businesses wanting to get it right first time.

“Most organisations have dipped their toe in the water, and may have transitioned some workloads, but it definitely pays to know what you are getting into. Making the right cloud choices saves a lot of cost and effort, and our investment in Microsoft training will help our customers to avoid mis-steps.”

Microsoft 365 and Azure offers exceptional integration, mobility, and security advantages for any organisation operating with a Microsoft eco-system, making it the cloud service of choice for Australian small and mid-sized businesses. Working with a technology partner that has invested in Microsoft training offers assurance that customers will receive qualified, considered advice.

“Microsoft 365 and Azure offers a true cloud experience that helps organisations to adjust rapidly to their changing needs. It allows them to focus more on their core business purpose, and less on managing infrastructure”.

“TechPath’s investment in Microsoft certifications, with all customer-facing staff achieving a foundational level or above, equips us to offer customers advice backed by our comprehensive training program.”

For more information on Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure, contact the team. Phone 1300 033 300, email [email protected], or connect with TechPath on LinkedIn for more technology insights.