Published on:

15 March 2022


Rachael Adams

What Is Microsoft Viva and How Can It Benefit My Business?

Microsoft Viva is a new Employee Experience Platform that helps businesses increase engagement by delivering curated materials that inspire learning, collaboration, and health and wellbeing.

Viva is experienced through Teams and is presented as four different apps:

  • Viva Connections Offers a new way for leaders to shape culture and build an inclusive workplace by bringing together relevant news, conversations, and other resources.
  • Viva Insights Gives individuals, managers, and leaders personalised and actionable insights that help achieve balance, build better work habits, and find focus whenever it is needed.
  • Viva Learning Makes learning a part of your day with formal and informal training. Seamlessly connecting 115 million daily users in Teams, users can chat about learnings, share content, and pin collections to Teams channels and dedicated tabs.
  • Vivia Topics Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Topics is designed to harness knowledge and expertise by displaying custom content on relevant documents, videos, and people.

Viva brings together learning, insights, communications, and resources, to help people stay productive, engaged, and connected. It is a developing application so keep an eye out for new features and additions.

Check out this video to learn more, or contact the TechPath team for more on productivity and collaboration tools that can transform your employee experience.

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