Residential vs Business Internet

What Is The Difference?

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Getting The Most From Your Business Internet

It’s natural to wonder what business broadband is, how it differs from residential internet, what the typical inclusions are, and even if you can use business internet at home. This guide will help give you the insight you need.

Is Business Broadband Better Than Residential?

Business broadband offers greater speeds, security and a better contention ratio (a lower number of users trying to use the bandwidth at any one time). It also offers better tech support if something goes wrong. A service level agreement guarantees that the service provider will deliver a certain standard of service, including speeds, uptime, and time to resolve faults. Business grade broadband services come with a static or dedicated IP addresses which is vital when running a server and business IT networks.

What is The Difference Between Business and Residential Internet?

Home broadband may to suitable for smaller businesses that don’t demand higher speeds, or on call support. Business internet has many more features and benefits, and for most organisations is well worth the higher cost. It is best to talk to your technology provider before making any decisions.

Business Internet

  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • Prioritised customer support
  • Guaranteed speeds
  • Static IP
  • More flexible configurations
  • Ability to scale
  • Quality of service

Residential Internet

  • Lower costs
  • Fast download speeds
  • Can be quicker to install new service
  • Suitable for smaller businesses that don’t demand higher speeds

What Is Broadband At Home?

A communications system in the home that links computers to the Internet. It uses NBN or satellite modem hooked up to an internet service provider (ISP).

Can I Get Business Internet At Home?

Business Internet assures a certain level of connectivity as set out by a service level agreement, so if you are running a home business that requires greater upload speeds, uptime guarantees, on call support, video calls, or you are looking to run a cloud-based phone system (VoIP), then business internet will provide the consistency required for these technologies.

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