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Why Fibre Internet?

Fibre internet is the fastest and most reliable internet option for many businesses. With low latency (ability to receive data quicker), speeds of up to 10Gb, no interference, and guaranteed up-time, it allows businesses to increase day to day productivity and use applications that demand higher connection speeds. Suitable for organisations of all sizes, it is the superior choice for Brisbane businesses where it is available.

Fibre Internet

Who Is Fibre Suited To?

Suited to business whose income relies on services being performed over the internet, fibre will support cloud applications, shopping carts, online stores, cloud-based phone systems (VoIP), and other applications that demand high speed internet. Business that have remote offices or require interstate and international communications often rely on fibre internet.

What Is It?

Fibre is an internet connection that transfers data via light signals through flexible glass wires called fibre optic cables. It runs over new cabling, so it is less likely to be affected by aged infrastructure. Its symmetrical speeds mean uploads and downloads are executed faster than any other internet technologies.

Where Is Fibre Available And How Much Does It Cost?

Fibre internet is available in all capital cities and in most suburbs where businesses reside. It is less likely to be available in residential or rural areas.

Pricing starts at $399 p/m and is dependent on location and speed requirements.

What are the next steps?

TechPath is an internet service provider with access to the lines of all major internet carriers.
Our customers benefit as we act as their single point of contact throughout the entire process,
from quoting through to installation, and local priority support after completion.

Whatever type of connection you need, TechPath can be trusted to provide the best solution. Contact us today!

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