Satellite Internet

High speed connections for rural areas

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Why Satellite Internet?

Available anywhere in the world, satellite internet offers reasonable speeds, and is a great option for businesses in remote or rural locations. It can typically be setup in under 30 days.

What Is It?

A wireless connection that transmits data to your business from space via satellite dishes. Data travels from space, to your ISP, then to your business.

Who Is It Suited To?

Satellite is best suited to rural locations and businesses that are unable to source any other internet option.

Is Satellite Internet Fast?

While satellite speeds can be fast, the user experience may affected due to the distance data needs to travel. Depending on the provider, speeds can range from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Where Is It Available And How Much Does It Cost?

Satellite internet is available anywhere in the world. This technology can be cost effective for businesses particularly NBN Satellite, however is usually only recommended if there are no other internet options available.

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