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What TechPath Customers are Saying

At TechPath we believe in excellence. Wowing customers and employees on a daily basis is our way of life.  Read our feedback to find out what customers think.

'Very prompt service- technician was very friendly and helpful - thank you.'
Colenso Joinery
May 06, 2022
'Thanks Tim! We appreciate how quickly you had this issue resolved for us.'
Atlas Heavy Engineering
May 31, 2022
'Thank you Kai really appreciate your fast response.'
Adrians Chartered Accountants
May 19, 2022
'Madison was very responsive and did a great job of fixing the issue straight away.'
Womens Legal Service Inc
May 09, 2022
'Drew was extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent professional service.'
Resolutions (Int) Pty Ltd
May 23, 2022
'Thanks Max - appreciate your speedy service.'
Andrew Barton Laundry Systems
April 06, 2022
'Thank you Tim and Lauren for your prompt assistance!'
RD Williams Spare Parts
April 05, 2022
'Lydon assisted me with all my troubles and did a fantastic job!'
Imperial Kitchens
May 07, 2022
'Fast and Efficient.'
Ausdeck Patios & Roofing
April 08, 2022
'Very helpful and friendly service.'
Power 2 Brisbane
March 16, 2022
'Ryan is an absolute legend. Quick and fast processing request.'
CNS Partners
March 02, 2022
'Prompt service. Problem solved quickly.'
Jubilee Community Care
March 23, 2022
'Ben was great as usual - quick to respond and troubleshooted well.'
AR Projects
March 21, 2022
'Thank you for your help! quick and efficient as always!'
Jubilee Community Care
February 07, 2022
'Staff are very helpful and followed up to make sure that problem resolved.'
NA Autosport & Engineering
February 02, 2022
'Ryan was very helpful and accommodating and appreciated him following up.'
Savvy Home Loans
February 24, 2022
'Request dealt with very fast and efficiently.'
Womens Legal Service
February 01, 2022
'Linda is amazing. Thanks again.'
Ausdeck Patios & Roofing
February 14, 2022
'James was very courteous, professional and prompt with my responses. Thank you.'
Moody Civil and Pipe
February 03, 2022
'Quickly resolved thanks.'
Australian Flexible Pavement Association
December 10, 2021
'Madison was incredibly patient and helped to ensure everything was in order, thank you.'
Atlas Heavy Engineering
December 14, 2021
'Issue was raised by TechPath and promptly brought to our attention with solution which has been put in place.'
CO YO Pty Ltd
December 03, 2021
Selective Hearing
December 22, 2021
'Thanks again Madison for your excellent support!'
Alii Technology Group
November 26, 2021
'Rhys was very prompt and helpful with resolving my issue.'
Bio Concepts
November 22, 2021
'Marta was very helpful, thank you.'
Raylinc Lighting
November 23, 2021
'I appreciated Madison's commitment to chase down the ticket to the end.'
Intrinsic Energy Solutions
November 29, 2021
'Max Fahn did an incredible job helping me with all my tickets.'
Womens Legal Service
November 01, 2021
'Thanks for the speedy response.'
Drake Trailers
October 05, 2021
'Quick response and issue resolved.'
Australian Flexible Pavement Association
October 28, 2021
'Linda was very courteous and fixed the issue very quickly, greatly appreciated.'
Ausdeck Patios & Roofing
October 14, 2021
'Drew is always a pleasure to deal with, very knowledgeable and friendly.'
TCA Financial Planners
October 14, 2021
'Always a pleasure dealing with you guys.'
Glenco Air & Power
October 28, 2021
'Viet was very helpful and checked in to see all was working.'
Adrians Chartered Accountants
September 13, 2021
'Brilliant and super quick resolution as always with TechPath.'
Bio Concepts
September 30, 2021
'Brandon has provided outstanding customer service, thank you.'
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
September 27, 2021
'Ben was super helpful on this job!'
September 21, 2021
'Superb response time.. Cameron and the connectivity teams response times are consistently fast. Great work gents!'
Holy Spirit Care Services
August 24, 2021
'Ryan went the extra mile to sort this complicated issue out. I have really appreciated his assistance in this matter.'
TCA Financial Planners
August 09, 2021
'Max is wonderful as always!'
Wesley Medical Research Institute
August 17, 2021
'Matt was fantastic. Easy to contact, easy to follow his explanations, great follow up.'
Wound Innovations
August 10, 2021
'Ben was very helpful and polite. He had my issue resolved in a couple of minutes and was able to explain to me what was causing the issue and how to prevent it from happening.'
Agas National
August 17, 2021
'Thanks to Lauren and Tim who swiftly troubleshooted and got me back up and running!'
Jubilee Community Care
July 15, 2021
'Ryan always replies fast, quick and helpful. Thank you.'
Auto Parts Group
July 14, 2021
'Drew was very helpful from get go!'
Adventure Operations
July 22, 2021
'Delivered the highest quality of service.'
AGE Consultants
July 01, 2021
'Adam was very competent and got the job done with minimal fuss. A pleasure to deal with.'
Haines Electrical Services
July 21, 2021
'Thanks Max for your time working this out, much appreciated!'
Atlas Heavy Engineering
June 18, 2021
'Extremely fast turnaround on this ticket! Very professional, thanks.'
Womens Legal Service
June 07, 2021
'Brandon has been excellent help, thank you'.
H&R Block Tax and Business Services
June 15, 2021
'Always excellent service - thank you'.
Bio Concepts
June 24, 2021
'Very impressed with immediate response from Lauren and Tim thanks.'
Raylinc Lighting
May 26, 2021
'Good and knowledgeable service overall.'
Atlas Heavy Engineering
May 26, 2021
'Friendly, prompt, successful. Great all round thanks.'
Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
May 25, 2021
'Drew actioned my request quickly and very pleasant to deal with on the phone.'
AGE Consultants
May 20, 2021
'Really appreciated the after hours assistance.'
Tom Dooley Developments
April 28, 2021
'Excellent turnaround - everything completed correctly.'
Womens Legal Service
Womens Legal Service
April 12, 2021
'Ben was excellent as always quick and efficient.'
Alchemy Sodas
April 15, 2021
'We had a urgent request which was attended to promptly.'
Dart Switchboards
April 27, 2021
'Matthew was great , knew exactly what he was doing. resolved quickly.'
Alchemy Sodas
March 02, 2021
'Alex made this process quite easy, he was very polite and nothing was a drama for him to sort out.'
March 17, 2021
'Josh was very thorough and so patient. He persisted and got the job done. His service was excellent.'
Womens Legal Service
March 23, 2021
'The issue was resolved very quickly. Thank you.'
Dart Switchboards
March 08, 2021
'Drew always does an exceptional job.'
TCA Financial Planners
February 15, 2021
'Very quick turnaround.'
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
February 15, 2021
'Jose was helpful as always.'
Imperial Kitchens
February 04, 2021
'Very prompt response and problem solved.'
M Hackett Partners
February 02, 2021
'Alex is always very helpful and lovely to interact with.'
Stockyard Beef
January 22, 2021
'Ryan is the best - does the job well and right the first time.'
First National Real Estate Rochedale
January 18, 2021
'Very helpful and understanding - quickly resolved. Appreciated.'
Perrier Ryan
January 13, 2021
'Awesome as always. Plus points for Ben for always going above and beyond.'
January 07, 2021
'From start to finish a perfect team.'
AGE Consultants
December 18, 2020
'All completed perfectly first time round - no issues. Thank you.'
Women's Legal Service
December 07, 2020
'David was very helpful and extremely easy to deal with.'
Queen St Legal Group
December 04, 2020
'The staff are always such a pleasure to deal with.'
Jubilee Community Care
December 03, 2020
'Very professional and helpful.'
Queensland Heritage Masonry
December 02, 2020
'David knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it with ease! Thanks.'
Jubilee Community Care Inc
November 23, 2020
'Great from start to finish. Quote, order, communication. Every step of the way the team was superb.'
AGE Consultants
November 23, 2020
'Jose is super friendly and helpful, so easy to talk to as well. A real asset to the team. Never actually had any bad experiences with TechPath at all!'
Viva Destination Weddings and Travel
November 18, 2020
'Service was very professional and Ben resolved the matter quickly. As always TechPath support personnel were very helpful and handled the matter promptly.'
Seedat Accounting
November 11, 2020
'Michael is always extremely helpful. He also knows our system well and it takes nearly no time at all to fix any issues.'
Queen St Legal Group
November 03, 2020
'Ben has done a really good job, very patient and thoroughly professional.'
October 30, 2020
'Sensational support from David, made the process easy and straight forward. Thank you!'
Jubilee Community Care Inc
October 26, 2020
'The assistance I received from Tech Path was absolutely fantastic. The problem was resolved in a matter of minutes and very professionally done.'
Seedat Accounting
October 16, 2020
'Thank you very much for a very professional, prompt and successful service.'
Sustain on Oxford
October 09, 2020
'Great team. Appreciate the clear communication.'
October 08, 2020
'Extremely helpful and requested replied to and actioned in a very timely manner.'
Excel Farms
September 29, 2020
'Daniel is fantastic and always is very helpful to me and our business in finding solutions that work.'
Peter McWhirter Agencies
September 29, 2020
'David is a consistent professional with knowledge that he is willing to share.'
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
September 21, 2020
'Josh was helpful and patient with my new phone set-up. Had all the answers to my questions.'
Perrier Ryan
September 14, 2020
'Issue was acted on very promptly.'
Adventure Operations
August 14, 2020
'Megan is great - she always approaches feedback with an aim to find solutions and improve process.'
OBE Beef
August 10, 2020
'Service is great and love the follow up afterwards.'
Radford HR
August 07, 2020
'Drew is awesome. Knew what the problem was and resolved it quickly.'
TCA Financial Planners
August 03, 2020
'Quick, efficient and super polite. Thanks Russell.'
Peter McWhirter Agencies
July 27, 2020
'Matthew was very professional in his contact with us and did the job required efficiently.'
Killara Securities
July 24, 2020
'Beau is super efficient and just the greatest!'
AGE Consultants
July 17, 2020
'Jose is very helpful in all aspects and always take time to resolve concerns spot on.'
Adrians Chartered Accountants
July 15, 2020
'Daniel was great, listened to my explanation and walked me through the steps clearly.'
Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
June 30, 2020
'Good communication and follow-up. David was very patient and helped to work through the request methodically.'
Peter McWhirter Agencies
June 26, 2020
'Thanks Ben for your prompt service and clearing this one up for us.'
Atlas Heavy Engineering
June 25, 2020
'Super quick turnaround!'
Performance Frontiers Group
June 03, 2020
'Great support and followup to ensure issue was resolved.'
Global Installs
May 20, 2020
'Prompt service and positive outcome.'
Stella Foods Australia
May 18, 2020
'Excellent service, prioritising my request was much appreciated, thanks to Troy & Michael.'
Wynnum Woods Realty
May 13, 2020
'Was actioned by Ben within half hour - thanks for such a quick turnaround.'
AGE Consultants
May 11, 2020
'Michael was professional and friendly. Thanks for all your help and follow up calls'.
May 06, 2020
'Thanks for being friendly & totally awesome!'
Womens Legal Service
May 06, 2020
'Tim and Josh were excellent in their response. They were friendly and professional and fixed my issues'.
Jubilee Community Care
April 17, 2020
'Jacob was very pleasant to deal with. He was able to resolve my issue in a very efficient manner. Thank you very much to all your team members as the level of customer service that you all provide is excellent. We appreciate your help and efforts very much'.
Atlas Heavy Engineering
April 14, 2020
'Ben was great - very professional and easy to deal with. Thanks for a great service'.
Wound Innovations
April 07, 2020
'Really appreciate Jared getting back to us so quickly this morning'.
HN Services
March 23, 2020
'Always willing to help - much appreciated'.
Perrier Ryan
March 17, 2020
'Quick response and great service by Drew as always!'
TCA Financial Planners
March 12, 2020
'Very good service and fixed the problems quickly'.
February 26, 2020
'Great attitude and pleasant to deal with'.
Adventure Operations
January 31, 2020
'Tim and Ryan were excellent'.
Queen Street Legal
January 28, 2020
'Kate is fantastic - so lovely to deal with and actions requests promptly'.
AGE Consultants
January 13, 2020
'Josh was excellent. Very patient, and easy to deal with. A delight'.
Page Provan
January 03, 2020
'Legendary service Matt! Thank you'.
Seven Hills Family Doctor
December 02, 2019
'Daniel's help much appreciated. Good communication throughout'.
CNS Partners
November 12, 2019
'Very professional prompt service'.
Eglo Lighting
November 11, 2019
'Beau was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks'.
Select Audio Visual Hire
November 11, 2019
'You guys are simply amazing , thank you so much for all your help'.
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
October 22, 2019
'Timothy, is always highly communicative and very efficient'.
October 18, 2019
'Daniel was a pleasure to work with, thank you'.
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
September 27, 2019
'Fast and Prompt service, great work Matt'.
September 09, 2019
'Daniel was efficient and had great customer service'.
Eaton Services Group
September 02, 2019
'Drew was lovely to deal with and resolved my issue quickly and patience'.
H&R Block Tax and Business Services
August 26, 2019
'Thank you to Daniel! Very helpful and patient, and very much appreciated'.
TCA Financial Planners
August 15, 2019
'Problem solved straight away. Thank you'.
Jubilee Community Care
August 08, 2019
'Thanks Drew - Always super fast to help... And always know how to fix anything'.
Four Seasons Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
July 19, 2019
'As usual, issues resolved very quickly by friendly staff'.
Killara Securities
July 15, 2019
'Michael efficiently solved the issue for us. He always manages to resolve our IT issues easily and does so with such great customer service!'
Adrians Chartered Accountants
July 15, 2019
'Great service...problem resolved immediately'.
Eglo Lighting
June 20, 2019
'Michael was fantastic, very helpful'.
Spectrum Transport
June 05, 2019
'Very quick fix - super friendly and helpful'.
Burgess Rawson
June 04, 2019
'Daniel has been wonderful in assisting us to be set up remotely. He is efficient and thoughtful which is greatly appreciated'.
TCA Financial Planners
June 04, 2019
'Always helpful and friendly'.
Eglo Lighting Australia
June 03, 2019
'Quick and accurate service'.
GM Poles
May 28, 2019
'The TechPath team always deliver, without any issues'.
Stanbroke Beef
May 24, 2019
'You guys are always very helpful'.
Thermal Installations WA
May 22, 2019
'Excellent support and assistance from Andy'.
March 05, 2019
'You guys are great and so understanding'.
AGE Consultants
March 01, 2019
'You all provide brilliant service and advice - thank you!'
Seven Hills Family Doctors
February 27, 2019
'Ashley is always professional and very helpful'.
February 27, 2019
'Was fixed as soon as I let Tim know! Prefect as always'.
AGE Consultants
February 25, 2019
'Issue resolved promptly - thank you'.
Stockyard Beef
February 15, 2019
'The guys dropped everything to get me up and going! Thanks'.
Radford HR
February 06, 2019
'Excellent service as always'.
January 30, 2019
'Thanks to Steve and Kate for their prompt and efficient response'.
AR Projects
January 24, 2019
'Thanks so much for the super quick response - it was great!'
Perrier Ryan
December 12, 2018
'Just a fantastic response to our problem today. A big thank you to Lauren for organising the response quickly and Tim for getting here and resolving the problem. Thanks team'.
Chase Power
November 12, 2018
'Incredible service, follow up and speedy closure'.
National Plant
November 02, 2018
'My problem was sorted very fast and efficiently'.
Integra Packaging
October 25, 2018
'The support team are always very happy to help and provide advice, very happy'
HR Business Solutions
September 27, 2018
'Excellent as usual'.
August 31, 2018
'TechPath are great - the service from all consultants is always brilliant - reliable, efficient and great customer service. Much appreciated'.
National Plant
August 17, 2018
'Shane was very competent, communicated well and followed through on everything he said he would do and when he said he would'.
ALC Turf
June 19, 2018
'Issue was resolved very quickly. Technician was helpful and friendly'.
Four Seasons Air Conditioning
May 03, 2018
'Perfectly handled. Thank you very much'.
Universal Data
April 10, 2018
'Excellent service as usual'.
Four Seasons
March 16, 2018
'Rapid response very pleased'.
March 15, 2018
'Michael is absolutely wonderful to work with and very prompt'.
The Pump House
January 25, 2018
'Your team is always pleasant and always find a solution with promptness. Go team!'
Go Health Clubs
January 10, 2018
'Great service and advice. Always responsive'.
TLS Business Consulting
January 03, 2018
'Everyone is so lovely and helpful, very happy with the service from TechPath'.
December 22, 2017
'I was kept fully informed and the issue was resolved'.
Four Seasons Air Conditioning
December 12, 2017
'Prompt timely courteous response. Solution provided with minimum of fuss. Technical know-how excellent'.
'Keep up the great (and prompt) support'.
Eglo Lighting
November 08, 2017
'Issue diagnosed and resolved whilst on the phone. Another quality TechPath experience'.
October 09, 2017
'Michael is great and always a pleasure to talk to. I appreciate how he explains everything in terms I understand'.
GM Poles
October 06, 2017
‘Awesome service as always… really happy with your response times and resolutions. Always looking forward to the next thing breaking down so I can experience some of that Techpath lovin’ lololol. Keep up the great effort!’
September 13, 2017
‘I was contacted in a timely manner and the issue was rectified quickly. The service I received was excellent’.
Atlas Heavy Engineering
August 22, 2017
‘Amazing service as always. Thank you so much’.
Go Health Clubs
August 11, 2017
‘Easy to deal with fixed immediately’.
Olivers Motorcycles
August 04, 2017
‘Great service, prompt and efficient’.
Eglo Lighting
July 17, 2017
‘Lydon was amazing very patient and extremely helpful … Excellent Operator A+++++++’
June 27, 2017
‘Nick is very helpful and we love his visits!’
OBE Organics
June 22, 2017
‘Extremely happy with the service and assistance provided’.
June 13, 2017
‘Drew was wonderful, patient, helpful, brilliant, and I would have listed 12 for satisfaction if it was available. A definite 10+ on this review. An “operator issue” was resolved with a lot of work from Drew, and I am so appreciative of his efforts. My files containing 3 weeks of work have been recovered, and some VERY useful suggestions have been provided to me from Drew, which should (hopefully) minimise “operation issues” moving forward (we hope) Thanks Drew!’
Eglo Lighting
June 13, 2017
‘Drew did an amazing job in assisting me with the errors in my email. He was patient and made sure that my issue was solved. Really appreciate all his help!’
M Hackett Partners
June 09, 2017
‘Service is always great. In total honesty, in my experience it can be hard finding great IT help with personality and service to match – you guys do such a great job with both – thank you for making this easy for us’.
Saavy Home Loans
June 09, 2017
‘Andrew is very helpful and is an expert. Thanks mate’.
Dynamic Business IT Solutions
May 12, 2017
‘Excellent customer service. Thank you’.
April 13, 2017
‘Good communication, all issues resolved’.
Four Seasons Air Conditioning
March 09, 2017
‘I had Neil and Tim looking after my problem and they were very efficient, courteous and appear to have resolved the problems in a matter of days’.
Bosz Gallery
February 03, 2017
‘Great service! A progressive team that deliver well above and beyond other IT companies we engage with’.
Business Design Group
January 16, 2017
‘TechPath have always addressed our IT issues in a professional and timely matter, resolving each issue quickly. I have no hesitation recommending TechPath to look after any computer hardware, software and internet problems. Their service is outstanding and satisfies all our needs. The TechPath team are also very good at explaining the issues in simple terms, understanding the client may not relate to a lot of what they do’.
January 13, 2017

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