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What is CyberAware?

Investing in cyber awareness is not just about safeguarding your organisation’s data, it’s about building a resilient defense against evolving cyber threats. Through ongoing training, phishing simulations, and a culture of vigilance, you can mitigate risks and reduce the potential fallout from data spills and phishing fallout. CyberAware equips your team with the skills to make safer decisions and strengthen your online defence.

Training that employees actually enjoy

'Humans are the number one security risk to your business'


of data breaches are due to human error


of staff believe they’ve clicked on a phishing email at work


of social engineering attacks are delivered through email

Empower your people so they can protect themselves and your business

Educate Employees on Cyber Security

What's Included?

For businesses that want to stay on top of user awareness, we offer module based training with simulated phishing attacks.

Staged content is sent on a regular basis to raise awareness and test a users ability to recognise malicious links and online scams.

Content frequency and phishing templates are customised to suit your needs. 

Identify gaps and automate training programs that address a user's specific needs

Engage Users

Enjoy personalised programs tailored for every individual in your organisation.

Save Time

Let automation handle training, administrative tasks, and reporting.

Compliance Essentials

Access Infosec and compliance courses with comprehensive learning.

What Our Clients Say

Everything you need to tackle human risk

Security Training

Bite-sized video and interactive training courses that cover core Infosec and compliance topics.

Simulated Phishing

Trackable simulated phishing campaigns with ready-made and easy to implement custom templates.

Human Risk Scoring

Company-wide human risk scoring that combines all reporting metrics into one easy-to-digest tracker.

In-Depth Risk Analytics

Dig deep into human cyber risk with user performance profiles, trends, and custom segments.

Why TechPath?

TechPath’s security experts are passionate about protecting businesses from cyber threats. Our team are highly skilled in technology security systems, data protection, security testing, cyber event recovery, and IT security auditing. With customers in a multitude of industries, we know where vulnerabilities lie and work with you to drive user cyber awareness and identify and eliminate risks.

IT security can be confusing at times, but our team can help you decide the best approach based on your current level of IT security and desired outcomes – with packages customised to suit your needs. Talk to our friendly team today.

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