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In today’s connected workplaces, computer up-time and network reliability play a crucial role.

Any restriction of services can quickly impact business efficiency, so assessing your environment is a vital process that should be undertaken regularly.

TechPath’s IT Audit is designed to review your infrastructure and applications, ensuring your technology aligns with business goals and processes. This helps you to build a cutting edge and robust environment that will drive your business into the future.

Busy IT professionals often perform a careful balance between supporting users and performing essential day-to-day tasks. This can leave little opportunity to review the environment, so independent IT audits can help you to operate at peak efficiency. They can also be an excellent way to pinpoint the cause of rising costs and overspending. Audits can often identify where minor adjustments could prevent the need for substantial expenditure. They also help to identify all kinds of risks to business and predict possible impacts.


Recent situations identified by TechPath IT Audits:

  • Discovering where a backup is not operating correctly, with the potential for a server crash to cripple business operations
  • Identifying where low cost software could avoid unnecessary hardware expenses
  • Determining where the life of older equipment can be extended by allocating it to other tasks
  • Reducing an annual IT budget by $80,000 while offering significant network improvements


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