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What are the Potential Cyber Threats for Businesses?

At a time when all types of businesses face unpredictable and fast changing risks, advanced protection and expert advice is vital. TechPath ensures your IT is secure, so you can get on with business.

Cyber security is a major concern for many Australian businesses. With attacks becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, the online choices your employees make are more significant than ever. When it comes to IT security, can you be sure your network and systems are safe?

Some of the most common threats:

Often used to steal user data including login credentials and credit card numbers, these types of attacks occurs when a cybercriminal poses as a trusted source, to trick a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

Malicious software that is installed on someone else’s device without their knowledge usually to damage the device or for financial gain. Malware types include viruses, spyware, ransomware, and Trojan horses.

A type of malicious software used to block users from accessing their own data. Cybercriminals encrypt the files of an individual or organisation and hold them until the demanded ransom is paid.

Recent reports show that over 80% of data breaches are caused by compromised, weak, and re-used passwords. All passwords should be strong and unique for each site that is accessed, and for a much safer online experience, paired with 2FA or MFA.

User training on cyber security is often overlooked or outdated for many organisations. Do your team know what a scam email or SMS looks like? Do they do extra checks if they are suspicious? Does your business have policies in place to verify bank funds transfers or change of bank details? User training is as vital as best practice processes when it comes to ensuring that your IT systems are secure.

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What is an IT
Security Audit?

It is essential that every business knows where they stand when it comes to security, so an independent audit is a great way to pinpoint where vulnerabilities lie. TechPath’s IT Security Audit provides an in-depth analysis of network, server, and physical security, along with a thorough check on compliance systems, and user awareness. TechPath’s approach helps ensure your business will not be next to fall victim to the latest cyber threats.

Identify and eliminate security risks

Prevent avoidable downtime

Cyber-attack prevention

Secure files and data

Enhance email security

Advice from industry experts

Secure your business against today's online threats

TechPath’s Cyber Security Services

We offer a range of cyber security services, all designed to make businesses more secure. Talk to our experts to learn more.

With the rapid increase of cyber threats and attacks becoming more sophisticated and persuasive, the results can be devastating. Breaches to an organisation are not just costly – they can cause significant damage to company reputation. TechPath’s IT Security Audit is designed to identify and assess vulnerabilities to remove the risk of operational disruption, data theft, and revenue loss, while securing your intellectual property and protecting your brand and reputation.

Also known as 2FA or Two Factor Authentication, MFA adds an extra layer of security to the apps, services, and accounts you access by requesting a second form of verification during the sign-in process. By enabling MFA, users are less likely to fall victim to password theft, phishing scams, and brute force attacks. TechPath recommends that all businesses enable MFA and can help your team download the correct applications, accurately configure the authenticator, and provide user training where required.

TechPath employs a comprehensive defence approach to security, with next generation vulnerability protection against malicious attacks. With advanced features such as URL blocking, application control, run time behaviour analysis, data loss prevention, malicious traffic detection, and automated malware removal, your business can experience complete peace of mind.

A new era of risk demands firewall protection more advanced than ever before. TechPath provides firewalls that block intrusions at the gateway, monitor traffic in real time, and have complete visibility of web activity.

An effective disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented approach on how to respond to an unexpected or unplanned incident. Our disaster recovery specialists work together with you to understand how your business works and how your clients will be affected, to minimise the effects of the incident and quickly restore critical functions.

Moving data and workloads to the cloud can offer huge cost reductions and productivity improvements, however it is vital the following points are considered:

  • Have the correct permissions have been put in place?
  • Are best practices being followed?
  • Has the appropriate plan been selected?
  • Is auditing enabled?
  • Are you using Two Factor Authentication or single sign on?

TechPath ensures your cloud assets are secure and best security practices are in place.

Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats Now

Our IT professionals will get in touch with you soon as possible – to get your business the security it needs to protect your digital assets, with minimal interruption to your operations.

Your TechPath Cyber Security Journey

Option 1:

Proactive Approach

Ensures your business is secure before a breach or data loss occurs

This is the ideal approach in ensuring your systems and data are secure – protecting revenue and reputation.


Initial consult so we can learn about your business, desired outcomes, and any known risks or previous security breaches



Our experts undertake IT security testing to fully understand the environment and pinpoint security vulnerabilities



We compile a detailed report which outlines business risks, priorities, recommendations, and time-frames



Our team roll out security recommendations to bring your network to a secure and protected state


Option 2:

Reactive Approach

Usually urgent following a data breach or other cyber event

Although this is not an ideal situation, it is a common scenario. We can help get systems stable and recover your data – so you can get back to operations. We then analyse and address what else needs to be actioned to secure your network.


You discover your systems have been breached and require urgent assistance



Our security experts quickly find and patch vulnerabilities



We recover data (where possible) and restore systems to working order



We provide an incident report and suggest an IT Security Audit to uncover any further issues


Getting Started

You may know which path you need to take, or you may look to our experts for some guidance. Generally, our team will recommend one of the following options, or a combination of both:

Cyber Security Audit

Our team of security experts analyse system configurations and vulnerabilities to uncover any security weaknesses. We then provide a list of easy to execute changes that will keep your business and data safe.

Cyber Security Assessment

TechSecure is a high-level cyber assessment that looks at how technology systems and data security are structured. It provides a detailed register outlining cyber security risks, impacts, and mitigation strategies.

Enhance Your Cyber Defence

TechPath CyberPack gives Managed IT customers access to compliance tools that ensure their security defence has solid foundations. With features such as business perimeter and website monitoring, dark web alerts, ongoing user awareness training, and phishing simulations, you can enhance IT security practices and better secure your organisation. Talk to us to learn more.

Security Awareness Training

Investing in cyber awareness is not just about safeguarding your organisation’s data, it’s about building a strong defence against today’s evolving cyber threats.

CyberAware helps businesses achieve this with module-based learning and simulated phishing attacks. Staged content is sent on a regular basis to raise awareness and test a users ability to recognise malicious links and online scams. Talk to our team to find out more.

Why TechPath?

TechPath’s security experts are passionate about protecting businesses from cyber threats. Our team are highly skilled in technology security systems, data protection, security testing, cyber event recovery, and IT security auditing. With customers in a multitude of industries, we know where vulnerabilities lie and work with you to quickly identify and eliminate risks.

No matter what type of business you are in, our team of experts are dedicated to keeping your systems safe.

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TechPath’s Security Audit has given AR Developments peace of mind when it comes to the safety of data, reputation, and their IT environment. Read our case study to learn more.

What Are The Next Steps?

Is your business protected against today’s cyber security risks? TechPath simplifies IT security, so you can secure the future of your business. Talk to our experts about a FREE consultation today.

An IT Security Review is a complete review of network, server, and physical security, along with auditing and compliance systems, and user awareness. TechPath’s in-depth approach helps ensure your business won’t be next to fall victim to a cyber attack.

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