Published on:

22 October 2019


Rachael Adams

Alert: Malicious Dropbox Links in Circulation

Fraudulent Dropbox Email Containing Malicious Link

Over the last few days, we have received numerous reports from clients who have received a fraudulent email posing as a purchase order via a Dropbox link.

The body of the email informs the receiver that a new purchase order has been shared with them and includes a purchase order reference number and a link to view the file.

Please note we have also seen similar emails that refer to an invoice, quote, remittance, or other business document.

Cyber-criminals can use these types of emails as a platform for future phishing attacks, so it is critical that you do not click on any Dropbox links that you are not expecting, or seem suspicious.

You can always directly log in to your Dropbox service to check if you have received any legitimate files, and enabling Dropbox two-step verification can add an extra layer of protection against anyone else accessing your account.

If you receive these emails, delete them immediately. Please ensure your team are aware that these types of emails are in circulation.

How To Enable Dropbox Two-Step Verification