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By partnering with TechPath as an internet reseller or referrer, you can simply your business operations and service the connectivity needs of your customers, so other vendors don’t get the chance. 

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TechPath provides a partner program for IT companies looking to offer internet as a service. This service lets MSPs simplify their operations with access to all connections through one single vendor.

Our team of experts can provide specialist connectivity advice, with fast quotes, multi carrier options, and speed and uptime guarantees.

Client Success Story

TechPath connectivity is fast, reliable and scalable, and for Boltmasters Australia has enabled a fail-safe network that allows branches to stay in touch 24/7. Read our case study to learn more.

What are the next steps?

By partnering with TechPath, your business gains access to  specialist advice and commission incentives, along with fast, flexible, and reliable internet connections for your customers.

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