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What Is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test (also known as ethical hacking) is a simulated cyber-attack that targets weaknesses and vulnerabilities within an organisation’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff. It uses tools and techniques available to malicious hackers, in an attempt to gain access to valuable virtual assets.

Penetration testing gives you greater peace of mind with direct insight into your IT systems, so you can stay a step ahead of cyber-criminals.

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Penetration Testing

Why Penetration Testing?

Do you know how fail safe your systems really are? Penetration testing takes an advanced look at your computer systems, network and web applications. Our security experts work to find any possible way a hacker could exploit your systems.

It is recommended that re-testing is conducted whenever there has been significant change in your IT environment or if there has been a security breach or incident.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing for penetration testing starts from $2,000 and is based on the size and complexity of an IT environment and the number of staff and locations your business operates from.  Each project is scoped and quoted based on these factors.

In-depth reporting is provided and outlines vulnerabilities, level of risk and business impact, along with recommendations for security improvements.

Your Journey With TechPath

  • 1. Planning

    Review existing IT infrastructure and security systems to scope assignment

  • 2. Discovery

    Check for vulnerabilities in system and identify targets

  • 3. Attack

    Exploit vulnerabilities and demonstrate access to data and systems

  • 4. Reporting

    Detailed findings outlining risk level, impact and solution recommendations

What About Online Tools?

Online tools are great for quickly identifying potential vulnerabilities, and we do use them as part of our process, however, these alone do not provide a thorough penetration test. Human interaction can further exploit any vulnerabilities that are found to determine whether unauthorised access or other malicious activity by a real hacker is possible.

What are the next steps?

Looking to enhance your security? Find out how a Penetration Test could benefit your business.

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