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What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software Defined Networking) is a solution that allows businesses to combine two or more internet services into a single, fast, secure, and reliable connection.

TechPath SD-WAN can help with:

Bonding – By combining multiple internet connections your business can experience maximum speed

Failover – Seamlessly failover between 2 or more internet connections while maintaining a static IP address and VoIP/data connections

Private Secure Network – Securely join your business locations and public cloud together

WAN Compression – Improve the speed of your internet connection with WAN acceleration of up to 4 times the speed

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What are the Benefits?

SD-WAN gives you complete peace of mind, with seamless and instant failover,
inter-office connectivity, and performance improvements.

  • Super-fast speeds

  • Network stability

  • Maximum uptime

  • Full network visibility

  • Fast deployment

  • Advanced security

  • Phone system always online

  • Connect multi-sites

  • Multiple gateway options

  • Performance optimisations

  • Static IP address during failover

  • Works perfectly with VoIP

Businesses that needed private networks in the past, can now leverage modern technology, reduce costs, and achieve 100% uptime.

Does My Business Need SD-WAN?

Here are some questions you can ask to determine whether SD-WAN could benefit your business:

  • How important is your internet connection?
  • How much would it cost your busines if your Internet was down for an hour?
  • With NBN rolling out and VoIP phones becoming standard in most offices, would losing your phone system affect your business?
  • How reliable is your existing NBN service? How many outages have you had this week?

How Does Failover Work?

In many cases, if your internet goes down, so does your business. Emails go unanswered, and files stored in the cloud may become inaccessible. Customers may not even be able to reach you by phone. Unfortunately, not all internet connections perform their best all the time.

TechPath’s SD-WAN constantly monitors your links for latency spikes as well as bi-directional packet loss.  Traffic is seamlessly moved between internet connections to maintain speed and stability, so your VoIP calls and other critical data are always online.

Where Is It Available?

Generally, SD-WAN is available to add onto any existing internet connection. Dual internet connections are required for failover; however some businesses add SD-WAN onto a single connection to create private networks and gain the benefits of WAN compression.

How Much Does It Cost?

Upfront Costs

Hardware $599

Monthly Costs

Primary Connection $89 p/m
Failover Connection $49 p/m

  • Bonding – requires 2 primary connections
  • Failover – requires 1 primary and 1 failover connection

Why TechPath?

During the main line outage, you will maintain your static IP address, so, not only will your team continue to operate like nothing has happened:

  • There’s no loss of signal – we re-route packets within 300ms
  • Your secure accounting and banking applications and https sessions won’t notice the change
  • Your VoIP calls continue without even a loss of a word in the conversation
  • Your remote users will maintain their connection via their VPN or RDP session
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What are the next steps?

Not all SD-WAN solutions are the same.  TechPath’s offering is a carrier grade solution and is one
of a few that can failover instantly without the loss of a voice call or change of IP address.

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“Businesses that needed private networks in the past, can now leverage modern technology, reduce costs, and achieve 100% uptime.”