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Should my business consider moving to the cloud?

Running your operations in the cloud means you can access your data from anywhere, on any device at any time. Along with greater flexibility, cloud for business can significantly reduce costs as there is no longer a need to store or maintain IT Infrastructure.

Is the Cloud secure?

Moving to the cloud is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Keeping your data secure is paramount, and it is important to know where it resides and who owns its. TechPath makes moving the cloud easier with a full assessment of your business needs followed by expert planning for a seamless transition.

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In today’s mobile, multi-device workplace, Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool for working on-the-go. It gives your staff the freedom of working from anywhere, with any device, without losing the ability to access their documents and essential Microsoft Office applications.

During every stage of your Microsoft 365 deployment, TechPath’s expert team has your IT security as the top priority. By correctly scoping your cloud journey and enabling the latest and most appropriate features, you can securely work on the go and collaborate with confidence knowing your data, reputation, and IT environment are well protected.

Remove the capital expenditure of aged servers and legacy systems while moving to a more secure environment. Microsoft Azure lets you modernise your IT environment and gives you access to continuous innovations in cloud security, analytics, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.

Not all businesses are the same. Your migration to Microsoft Azure should be mapped out in an order and budget that makes sense. TechPath undertakes a business and technology alignment review for all new clients to ensure that the right strategy is delivered to increase security, reduce costs, and maximise use of innovative features.

Whether you’re a traditional, bricks and mortar business, or conduct all of your transactions online, there are some applications you just can’t afford to fail. TechPath’s virtual hosting provides dedicated resources on high-grade, fail safe servers designed to support your core business applications – without missing a beat.

With virtual hosting, you can take advantage of quality equipment, managed by a highly skilled team of infrastructure experts. Your dedicated web server, CRM system, email, and a host of other vital services can run at peak performance, with the flexibility to grow and shrink as needed.

With TechPath virtual hosting, you can expect to cut capital expenditure, as well as save on physical office space. You can install and maintain your own environment, or make use of TechPath’s service specialists to complete the picture.

When your business needs the guarantee of fast connections, optimal uptime, and very strong security, placing your critical IT infrastructure in a quality data centre makes sense. TechPath uses the world-class facilities of Next DC and Fujitsu data centres. These facilities include both physical server security and environmental control, as well as exceptional resilience.

With high bandwidth access, your data can be accessed quickly and securely from any location. Data centre co-location gives you all the benefits of the best possible data centre facilities, while reducing the time and budget required to manage infrastructure.

Your data is vital to your organisation’s ability to function efficiently, so it is vital to protect it well. System malfunctions, human error and disasters can strike any business, so the right preparation pays off. TechPath’s off-site backup safeguards against these hazards, so that whatever happens, you have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

TechPath offers a full range of reliable backup and recovery services that can be designed to suit your specific needs. They are fully automated, so you can save staff time and avoid errors. You can restore your data from and to any location, and our specialists monitor your backup logs to prevent any issues. As you would expect from TechPath, the security of your data is guaranteed.

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