Communications  Communications

When you connect people,
amazing things happen.

Efficient communications are central to any thriving organisation, allowing colleagues, customers and suppliers to collaborate freely on projects.

The clearest communication begins with the right tools

Communication is a key way your organisation defines itself, so the right tools are vital to your success. There are more options than ever for keeping in touch with your customers, suppliers and colleagues – all you need is the right technology partner.

TechPath specialises in communications options that are simple, affordable and very effective. These include: phone systems, video conferencing, cloud PBX and data cabling. We work with your business to make sure you can always get your message across.



It pays to talk

In spite of today’s multitude of communications options, sometimes nothing beats the personal touch of a voice conversation.

TechPath’s Cloud PBX phone plans make efficient business call systems easy and extraordinarily cost-effective.

When Australian businesses need smooth, efficient business call flow systems, they turn to TechPath. Our Cloud PBX phone plans can be put in place within hours, so you can start saving phone costs the same day.

What you can expect from TechPath Cloud PBX

  • Increased mobility

  • Accessible communications

  • Simple to administer

  • Easy to adjust configuration

  • Consistency

The right communication options support closer business relationships, and increase efficiency. TechPath’s communication tools help you to build stronger teams and grow collaboration.

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When you connect people, amazing things happen

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Communications Solutions

Phone systems

Designed for small and mid-sized businesses that need to present a professional, corporate image, TechPath’s IP PBX call handling systems have all the features you’d expect in a large organisation. With simple administration and reduced operation costs, you can benefit from call queueing, phone conferencing, voicemail, and support for Salesforce and CRM integration.

Video conferencing

Just because your people work in diverse locations, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a rewarding meeting experience. TechPath offers a range of video conferencing options to suit all kinds of businesses. Meeting the needs of today’s users, options include mobile integration, computer-to-computer, webinars, and even a full virtual boardroom set-up.

Cloud PBX

Whether you’d like to reduce costs, streamline your telephony needs, or gain greater flexibility, TechPath’s Cloud PBX plans are sure to offer you an excellent business phone option. The great news is, this outstanding technology can give you a more efficient business call flow system within hours.

Check out our competitive current pricing plans.

Data Cabling

Whether you are planning new buildings, expanding your premises, or simply need a few additional points, TechPath can give you the advice and practical services you need. Our experts can help with all your data and telephone cabling needs, including CAT5, CAT6 and fibre.

“The TechPath Cloud PBX is excellent value for money. It has been a seamless transition and our staff are enjoying their direct lines with messages going to email. The ability to automate out of office messages on a timetable is an efficient and professional way to operate. We are very happy with the product.”

Kerri Ryan, Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Want to experience the true benefits of collaboration? Let TechPath show you how a Cloud PBX solution will deliver much more than just a connection.