Published on:

31 July 2018


Rachael Adams

Time Savers That Will Help you Achieve More From Your Day


Time savers to get more out of your day

You’re in a rush. Budget forecasts must be completed, emails answered, you skipped lunch, and there’s a niggling problem with backups you need to address. Oh, and you want to leave on time to make it to your child’s big footy game. If there never seems to be enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. Simple time savers can be advantageous in today’s workplace.

Busy professionals work hard, with 74% working unpaid overtime every week, a third of them clocking up an average of 15 hours or more. They’re the heroes who save the day when the business is in crisis at 3 a.m. They put in extra time to prepare important presentations on Sundays. And in the face of intense competition, the workplace is busier than ever.

There are, however, a few time savers that can ease time pressures:

  1. Zero inbox. Dealing with the deluge of emails you receive daily is among the biggest time drains. The important messages can easily get lost among the trivial, meaning you may miss taking necessary action. Archiving those you don’t need to action, dealing promptly with those only taking a minute, and putting aside for later those demanding more in-depth thought, will clear your inbox. Reduce clutter further by unsubscribing from all but the most pertinent lists. Without that endless list of demands staring you in the face, you’ve eliminated a distraction that costs time on essential tasks.
  2. Avoid interruptions. Multi-tasking is usually spoken of in a positive light, but in fact it can result in a 40% loss in productivity. Switching your phone to silent, and setting focused time where you can concentrate on critical tasks, can make you more productive. Schedule a set time that you return calls and emails, so you can focus on them later. Use tasks and calendar to plan your week ahead. Scheduling time for each task helps to ensure everything gets done – and by sharing your calendar with colleagues, you reduce the amount of emails and calls involved in booking meetings.
  1. Use SaneBox – Important emails stay in your inbox, so you see work and family messages right away. Distractions are added to your SaneLater folder, and all newsletters and lists are added to another folder. Unwelcome and annoying emails are banished to trash. This handy app is a real sanity saver that lives up to its name.
  2. Use OneNote – This is probably among the most under-used tools that come with Office365. OneNote is a simple collaboration tool that makes it easy to share information, images and more with multiple teams. Best of all, you probably already have OneNote, so there is no extra cost.
  3. Fast internet – Unreliable and slow internet are not only among common frustrations for employees, they are also costly problems. Instead of accepting poor internet, it is worth assessing the alternatives – fast internet is possible. In fact, it is essential for anyone wanting to work productively. See our recent blog that examines the maths around slow internet.

With digitisation bringing new opportunities, the workload for busy professionals will continue to increase, so using available tools and some time management smarts is necessary. If you are to achieve some work/life balance and retain any sanity, it is worth getting smart by using the best tools. Saving 30 minutes here and there adds up; you may still be needed to save the day, but you might also escape in time for that big match.

To learn about more office time savers, or to prevent slow internet draining your precious minutes, contact the friendly TechPath team.

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