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18 November 2019


Rachael Adams

A Gap in the Cloud: Is Your Cloud Backup as Safe as You Think?

We talk often about the importance of backing up data, and it is gratifying to see that the message is getting through. More often than not, organisations we encounter have a growing awareness of the value of data. Business leaders are more aware of the risk involved in losing access to data, even for a short while. With seemingly perfect timing, a wealth of cloud services emerged to make life easier. After all, when you’re using an app and click save, someone, somewhere, is protecting that data, right?

Not necessarily in the way you think. Cloud apps can be wonderful, but it pays to understand the appropriate uses and limitations of cloud apps and their backup policies – before you find out the hard way.

Retention Periods

You might expect that your data would be held for a long time, maybe even a decade or more, but that isn’t always the case. Often apps retain data for a relatively short period, with the built-in backup unable to restore data you need.

Even something so seemingly trivial as a calendar appointment may become important later. For one business leader we worked with, a two-week vacation was long enough for this accidentally deleted data to be irretrievable. It definitely pays to check that your expectations are realistic – and that your data backups meet government and industry regulations.

Office 365

Almost every organisation, TechPath included, depend on Office 365 to keep everything running smoothly. For good reason – the suite that includes winning apps such as SharePoint, Exchange Online, Teams and Skype, along with some very clever automation options, does a lot things very, very well. It is many things to many businesses – but it does not claim to offer a comprehensive backup of Office 365 data.

Research by Veeam* shows that 81% of IT professionals surveyed had experienced some degree of data loss in Office 365, in many cases from simple user error and in some the result of more significant data security threats. Whatever the reason, losing data is costly, time-consuming and painful – but there are many inexpensive options that save you the hurt. Our Microsoft specialists recommend an additional backup solution with every Office 365 environment – there are several excellent options on the market.

Protecting Your Data

Chosen carefully, the cloud offers some excellent backup options to suit most organisations, but when considering the legal and business factors involved, it is always wise to get advice from a backup expert. When it comes to safeguarding your valuable data, it pays to never assume. And any time your environment changes, it is a good idea to check that backups are happening as they should.

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*Source: Veeam