Cyber Security Assessment

A clear measurement of your IT security landscape

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What Is a Cyber Security Assessment?

TechSecure is designed to give businesses a clear understanding of where they stand when it comes to IT security. This high-level cyber assessment takes a look at how technology systems and data security are structured, and provides a detailed register outlining cyber security risks, impacts, and mitigation strategies.

How Can TechSecure Help?

TechSecure uses a holistic approach and reviews people, technology, and strategy. We talk to stakeholders about company direction, future goals, daily processes, and any security concerns or challenges they may be experiencing.

By gaining a greater understanding of cyber risks and benchmarking against the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential 8, you will have a clear roadmap for improvements that will better secure your organisation.

Who is Suited to a Cyber Assessment?

Security breaches are painful, costly, and harmful to an organisation’s reputation, so it is safe to say that prevention is far better than cure.

A cyber assessment can often identify where minor adjustments could prevent avoidable downtime or the need for substantial expenditure. They are particularly useful for businesses who are concerned about a breach or incident, those looking for a whole of business approach to security, organisations starting their security journey, or companies making strategic changes such as moving to the cloud.


Your Journey with TechPath

TechPath gives you a trusted business partner in IT, that will be there every step of the way:


We get to know your business & your IT security pain points

Meeting/s to understand:

  • Company direction and desired outcomes
  • Security requirements and concerns
  • Challenges relating to IT security


Analysis and Security Review

Our team conduct a high level review of systems & IT processes

We complete a thorough assessment of:

  • IT systems & user awareness
  • Current state of security risk management
  • Policies & procedures



We provide a clear outline of your cyber security situation

Risk register & security report outlining:

  • Detailed findings & actionable items
  • Risks and recommendations
  • Benchmarking against ACSC Essential 8 security framework


What's Included?

TechSecure makes recommendations that support your people and your business by aligning security to your company’s strategic goals and internal processes. Our certified engineers take the time to get to know your business, and what matters the most to the organisation. The elements reviewed can vary according to your specific  environment and needs, but typically include: 

  • Known Risks and Breaches
  • Configurations and Vulnerabilities
  • Cloud and Physical Security
  • ASCS’s Essential 8 Benchmarking
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Identity Security
  • Cyber Maturity

What Are The Next Steps?

TechSecure gives you a clear roadmap, so you can protect the future of your business.

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