The 8 Big Internet Risks – and How to Address Them

Where would we have been in 2020 without the internet? It would be hard to think of a more essential business tool. From Teams meetings to online school, not to mention the many cloud apps that make it possible to work remotely, the internet is at the centre of our 2020 survival kit. Still, it doesn’t come without risks. The more we venture out into the online world, the more we invite that world into our makeshift workplaces. Here are some of the common pitfalls to look out for – and suggestions about how to sidestep them.

The 8 Business Strategies that Helped TechPath Make Work from Home a Success

In the tech industry, we like to think we cope well with change. No matter how adept we are at learning emerging technologies and embracing new concepts, though, 2020 has still presented a steep learning curve for everyone. Now, as we have more time to take stock, we’ve been visiting what we have learned about the sudden change to our working environment. I’d like to share eight strategies that have worked well for us – hopefully, it will help others through the challenging months ahead.

Power BI: Smashing Efficiency Targets with an AI Tool You Already Have

Like us, your business probably already puts ongoing effort into improving efficiency. Over the last couple of years, we had already used up-and-coming technologies to shave operating costs and increase return on our efforts. In business, though, it is never wise to rest on our laurels. When we had a chance to work with Microsoft’s Power BI app, included with our Microsoft 365 licence, we were keen to see if it could help us to do better. Spoiler alert: it did.

Microsoft 365 Backup: The Simple Solution to Prevent Data Loss

Have you ever had that gut-wrenching moment when you realise that a critical piece of data or vital email has been deleted? It can happen to the best of us. Typically, after perhaps muttering a few choice words, we begin retrieval efforts, hoping against hope that not only has the data in question been backed up, but also that it can be quickly found. Still, if you are using Microsoft 365, everything important is backed up safely, right?

Microsoft Azure FAQ: TechPath’s Quick Guide to Your Essential Cloud Platform 

The one constant about business technology is that it is forever changing. This state of flux is what draws the creators, the innovators and the inventors to a career path that is endlessly eventful. The emergence of cloud, though, has caused a level of acceleration akin to Usain Bolt in an Olympic final. At the centre of this new technology world is Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform of choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

So, what is Azure, what should you know about it, and how do you know if it is the right platform for you? Here’s a quick FAQ to get you started.

Part 3: Migrate to Office 365 – How to Get Maximum Value from Cloud Investments

If ever there was a time for cloud to show its value, it is in the midst of a pandemic. While the first priority must, of course, be health, it has become clear that enabling people to work from anywhere, and to collaborate with customers, colleagues and patients is essential for economic survival. Still, could organisations be getting greater value from their cloud investments? The answer is yes, absolutely, and this forms the basis of an essential cloud migration phase.

Part 2: Migrate to Office 365 – Successfully Moving a Business to the Cloud

In part one of our cloud series, we took a look at the essential research you should perform before embarking on a cloud project. There is no substitute for doing your homework if you are to get the right outcome. But once you’ve established that the proposed solution suits your needs, identified the business problems you are solving, and considered security, it is time to look at implementation.