Published on:

31 January 2019


Rachael Adams

Apps That Save Time and Money: We Review Our Top 5

It is fair to say that the TechPath team are technology fanatics. If there’s a way to make something quicker, smarter, or to reduce effort, you can be sure we’ll find it. One of the best things about working around people who are passionate about technology is that you always hear about the hottest new apps… and new ways to use your existing tools. Here we review five of our favourite apps to save you time and money:

  • Microsoft Office Lens – is like having a scanner in your pocket. It lets you take pictures of receipts, documents, even whiteboards. It then enhances your photo, cropping, straightening it and sharpening the details, so you end up with quality comparable with a scanned image. You can choose to convert the image to popular Microsoft Office applications such as Word or Powerpoint, save it as a OneNote file, or email it. If you’ve ever wanted to share an interesting diagram or trade show slide with your team, but couldn’t get a great photo, Office Lens is for you.
  • OneNote – described by Microsoft as ‘your digital notebook’, OneNote is exactly that. You can take and edit screenshots, add notes, checklists, draw, add files, even record audio or video – and share them in near real time from your meeting. You can search those audio files for keywords, saving a lot of time scrolling through longer recordings. Although OneNote is included with Microsoft Office, a limited version is also available free from the App Store. The free version doesn’t include some premium features, such as the ability to tag audio files, so it is worth comparing with OneNote 2016 to decide which is best suited to your needs.
  • SaneBox – If you’re finding your work is incessantly interrupted by emails, you’re not alone. A Washington Post survey found that we spend an average of 4.1 hours per day checking, reading, answering and managing emails. SaneBox is an email management software that removes distractions and puts you back in control, by keeping business activity in your inbox, while moving emails it deems less pressing but still important, such as newsletters, into separate folders for when you have a spare moment. SaneBox is a low-cost (from US$2 per month with discounts for non-profits) way to become more productive, before your email takes over your day.
  • Evercontact – Within any three-month period, around 40% of your contact information needs updating. If you store details on different devices and systems, that can be a time-consuming task – and there is always the risk of sending goods to the wrong location, or being unable to find a phone number quickly when needed. Evercontact reads email signatures, converts them into a contact and adds them into your contacts list. There are three different subscription levels, starting at US$5 per month, and because it is cloud based, you don’t need to download any software. When you sign up, Evercontact will even recover contacts from old emails, so if you lost touch with a customer, it is a great way to rediscover them.
  • ShareX – A bit like the Windows snip tool, ShareX lets you screenshot and crop – but it also does much more! Add speech bubbles, highlight, add borders, and share, without having to open the image in another application. Quick, easy – and free.

Our top five time and money saving apps are all awesome for busy people. With so many new apps launched daily, picking just five of the busy executive must-haves was a tough task – what would have made your list?

Contact our team for more tips on saving time and money, or ideas for integrating productivity apps into your existing systems.


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