Published on:

26 September 2017


Rachael Adams

TechPath’s Relocation Journey – Big Concepts… Bigger Decisions

What a wild ride the past seven weeks have been. After a complete demolition of the existing interior, we have fully prepped our new office space for the bigger ticket installations. While we had certain concepts and budgets in mind, it has now become quite evident that we had little experience in predicting renovation costs – and timeframes. The outcome though, we think, will be quite brilliant!

Some of the biggest decisions …


There is no substitute for good old cabling as its performance and stability outweighs wireless technology. The new office will incorporate over 10KM of Cat6 cabling with ample available for our future expansion and capability.


As TechPath supports many customers that operate 24/7, security considerations were paramount. Adding an access control system, security cameras, doors that automatically lock based on time conditions and restricted access areas, means that the team will be secure during and outside of business hours.

Power Saving

All lights will be LED with sensors and timers to reduce power usage. Fully linked into the access control system, the lights and air conditioning will automatically switch on at entry and off at exit. Solar has been calculated to save costs immediately and will be installed in the coming months.

Air Conditioning

With a system nearing 20 years old, we knew we had to consider all our options on this one.  While it could have been maintained, the high number of staff would have pushed the system to its limits and it was unlikely to last more than a few years.  The platform that we chose will automatically adjust as the temperature changes throughout the day.


While it wasn’t the intention, this is an area that certainly did blow out on budget. However, it will be the first impression for anyone who visits the TechPath office so perhaps one of the most important decisions. This large area will incorporate grey tones, a sophisticated feature wall and stylish waiting area.


The new kitchen and lunchroom will feature natural earthy tones – ‘that make a statement’. The area will boost modern finishes, sleek appliances, island bench and various seating options – providing the perfect space for staff to take a break.


Constructed from American Oak, our stadium inspired staircase will be the central feature for the entire office. It will provide a multifunctional space that will host client events, team meetings and company celebrations.


Another costly yet worthwhile concept was the glass office partitions and doors. This will ensure natural light radiates throughout the office, with just enough frosting for privacy but not enough to block out the world.


White desks with minimalist ocean blue partitions will feature in the open plan areas of the office. The boardroom and meeting rooms will exude a sophisticated feel with dark benchtops, stylish chairs and interesting feature walls.

Next Steps…

While we have already achieved so much, we aren’t quite there yet… the next five weeks will see some of our big concepts come to fruition. The construction of our stadium staircase, lunchroom, workshop benches, and reception area. Glass interiors will be installed, along with painting, floor coverings, electrical and data fit off, and furniture delivery. And then the big one –  MOVING DAY! We have the date – let’s just hope we can keep everyone on schedule.

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