Published on:

10 September 2018


Rachael Adams

EX What? Why Employee Experience is Essential

EX? No, we are not talking about your previous significant other who always forgot to unpack the dishwasher or take out the bins. We are talking about employee experience.

The experience your employees have from the moment they first interact with your company’s recruiter – right through to their departure, is a collective series of emotional interactions the service industry has coined with the term ‘EX’.

Customer experience has fast become the leading focus for many organisations around the world, as consumers become more vocal about their interactions with real and digital world experiences. As we move from a sale orientated business to one that focuses on consumer needs, we need to look at the tools that allows us to deliver an ever-increasing exceptional experience for our clients.

The last 10 years has seen a phenomenal increase in how consumers use digital platforms to share their experiences, and businesses all around the world are starting to move away from product to experience, and mass marketing to individual.

Strong Employee Experience Drives Strong Customer Experience

Employee experience in this respect plays the most important role, as our staff ultimately determine the experiences we deliver. Employees are no longer task orientated like the production staff we saw during the industrial revolution. We trust them to represent our brand, display our values, and build meaningful relationships with our customers.

Employees are not only our greatest asset, they are the biggest area we should invest in. We spend a great deal of our budget and time ensuring our employees are skilled and enjoy their job. Through vocational activities and on the job training, we impact their experience as an employee, and as with consumers, they can share this in both real and digital world platforms.

There are many ways we can manage employee experience: gamification, cultural focused activities, insightful and useful training, and sourcing and retaining the right people for our organisation. Not everyone is a great fit, so surrounding your employees with people who share a passion for delivering exceptional experiences is ever so important.

We have all heard about customer journey mapping – a roadmap of how a customer interacts with your business at every touch point, however, employee journey mapping is also a great way to gain insight into how your employees fit into your business. Your brand is at risk every time your employees interact with your clients.

There are many great resources out there to assist with improving your customer experience. If you are interested, or would like advice on how to get started, feel free to reach out and let us help you get started on your CX journey.