Published on:

7 June 2018


Rachael Adams

End of ISDN – Is Your Business Ready

ISDN will soon be in the past, and many Australian businesses will be affected by the changes.

What is Telstra ISDN end of life?

IDSN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a dedicated network that delivers voice calls, usually via copper line, to most Australian businesses. As part of Telstra’s deal with the NBN Co, Australia’s entire copper network will be decommissioned by 2022.

What does this mean for Australian businesses?

ISDN products can no longer be purchased from the 30th June 2018, with disconnections commencing from September 2019. The full IDSN network will be decommissioned by 2022.

To maintain the fixed voice calling critical to day to day operations, businesses will need to move to newer phone system technologies, and you should start planning now.

What is cloud PBX?

A PBX is the telephony hardware responsible for routing your organisation’s calls between different extensions. Normally, this has resided on business premises. Thanks to new technologies, PBX hardware no longer needs to be kept on-site or purchased up-front. For many businesses, avoiding the capital expenditure of telephony hardware, and the resource drain of managing that hardware, is an attractive proposition.

How much bandwidth does VoIP use? 

It is important to ensure your internet can support voice and cloud technologies while also maintaining your current day to day work flow. Although VoIP doesn’t require much data, if there isn’t enough bandwidth you run the risk of experiencing poor audio quality or intermittent service. Bundling your VoIP and internet connection means you won’t compromise on quality, and you have the expert support on hand whenever you need it.

Why should I consider a cloud phone system?

Along with significant cost savings, there are many other benefits to moving to a cloud based phone system. Systems offer greater flexibility, increased productivity, and a smoother, more efficient business call flow system, that can be setup within a matter of hours.

Will I be affected by the ISDN switch off? What are the next steps?

Check your phones bills for products that list ISDN – if you are unsure, the TechPath team can give you advice free of charge.

We can assist with all of your business internet and phone system requirements. Contact our team today.