Published on:

23 October 2023


Rachael Adams

Keep Your Team Motivated with the Right Tech

One thing we’ve noticed, time and again, is that while the right tech can help staff to stay motivated, the wrong choice of tools can drain enthusiasm for the job at hand. With most people equipped with capable home PCs and current smartphones, they are quick to notice when they’re given outdated, sluggish machines with blurry screens. Frustration with technology limitations can erode motivation over time. In addition to hardware, software choices play a crucial role in keeping employees engaged and stress-free.

The Impact of Technology on Employee Morale

When companies expand and mature, they often outgrow the software and systems that once served them well. These outdated systems can make simple tasks, such as data entry or finding critical information, needlessly complex. These irritations can accumulate, especially for employees in high-stress jobs, leading to burnout.

So, how can you make tech choices that contribute positively to motivation and productivity?

  • Prioritise User Experience
    Recognise that morale can be directly affected by technology choices. Choose tools and systems that offer a smooth, user-friendly experience.
  • Assess Stress Factors
    Evaluate tech choices for their potential to cause stress, frustration, isolation, and burnout. Ensure that technology supports in-person interactions, whether in physical meetings or virtual video conferences.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks
    Identify manual and repetitive tasks that can be automated, freeing employees to focus on more valuable work.
  • Provide Ongoing Learning
    Do not assume that employees naturally know how to maximise the benefits of new systems. Include ongoing development and learning opportunities to keep your workforce updated and skilled.
  • Align Tech with Goals
    Utilise technology to make individual and company goals visible. This transparency helps everyone understand how their role contributes to the company’s overall success.
  • Share Success Stories
    Celebrate successes, both big and small. Share these stories through your website, intranet, social media, or preferred communication channels to make employees feel valued.
  • Ensure Reliable IT Equipment
    Review whether the right IT equipment is in place, reliable, and capable of meeting the demands of your workforce.
  • Choose Software Wisely
    Regularly assess and update your software to ensure it remains the best choice for your needs. Sticking with outdated or inefficient applications could cost you a competitive advantage.
  • Provide Adequate IT Support
    Maintain good IT support for your employees. Ensure they have someone to turn to when they encounter technical issues without disrupting their essential tasks.
  • Implement Change Management
    Embrace change as a necessity for progress but avoid surprising your employees. Involve them in the planning process and encourage their input when choosing new applications.
  • Seek Expert Guidance
    Partner with technology experts to access strategic IT direction advice and regular reviews. 
  • Foster Reflective Conversations
    Make time for reflection within your organisation. Valuable insights and ideas for technology improvements often come from your employees.

In a fast-paced world, it’s essential to make thoughtful tech choices to maintain high team motivation. Listening to your employees and providing them with the right tools and support can go a long way in ensuring they stay motivated and productive.

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