Published on:

18 November 2021


Rachael Adams

Measuring Up: How Does My IT Position Compare to Industry Standards?

Let’s face it, as business owners or executives, we often have to be a Jack of all trades, with knowledge in diverse areas such as sales, marketing, HR, legal, insurance, and IT. To continue the saying, we may be masters in none of those areas, but they are essential parts of running a business. When your own specialist area is in an entirely different area, though, how do you gauge how well you are doing?

In IT alone, there are many areas to consider. User Experience, Business Applications, Security, Infrastructure, Internet, Communications, IT Strategy, and Policies and Procedures are all specialised areas within IT.  Even for an IT generalist, that is a lot to know and manage, which is why businesses often use external IT providers to assist in some or all of these areas. 

But how do you know if you are doing well in each of these areas? Where is your business performing strongly, and what areas need improvement, or fall below industry standards? Just as importantly, how can you get more from technology than your business rivals?

Because many smaller businesses have little way of answering all these questions, TechPath has developed a new approach to getting the right information. We developed a tool that provides a quick, easy way to review and score these important areas of your IT.  This unique tool has been branded an “IT Maturity Score”.

How Does It Work?

The IT Maturity Score is a free process that starts by asking 40 questions, divided into several distinct categories. A team member at TechPath guides you through the survey, helping you to unearth the needed information. They help you to quickly build a tally per section, which then gets fed into your total IT Maturity Score.  The score, presented as a series of tables and charts, shows you where to focus, considering your specific business situation. It identifies where others in your industry, or businesses of a similar size, have the edge, and where you lead the pack.

How Can It Help?

The results may direct you to adjust your data access policies, show you where you can cut out a lot of manual data entry, or identify where a little extra staff training – often free online – will give a big efficiency boost. There are often several easy ways that you can get more advantage from the software licences you already have, or adjustments that can immediately make your technology more secure.

The IT Maturity Score is best used as part of our overall Business and Technology Alignment process. This goes much deeper into reviewing business operations and technology, and uses the comprehensive information to create a complete IT strategy. Even by itself, though, the IT Maturity Score gives you a great annual insight into what you’re doing well, and where you are best focusing your attention. It is a very helpful resource for busy in-house IT staff, or for those of us juggling an ever-increasing number of hats to keep a business running.

Reach out to the friendly TechPath team to ask about a complimentary IT Maturity Score.