Published on:

27 April 2023


Rachael Adams

Set Goals and Stay on Track with Microsoft Viva Goals

The Microsoft 365 suite continues to expand its range of useful tools with new additions almost every week. If you haven’t had the chance to explore the latest addition, Viva Goals, it’s definitely worth your time. This powerful goal-setting tool includes several innovative features that can facilitate positive change and boost productivity within your business. And the best part is that it’s already part of your 365 license.

Our customers are well aware of our constant efforts to leverage technology solutions to optimise business operations. If we walk into an office and notice a stack of paper or a repetitive data entry task, we immediately start thinking about how a process can be automated or simplified. However, when it comes to setting goals, we recognise that sometimes the most effective approach is to step back from the technology and take a more traditional approach – with pen and notebook in hand and a quiet space for reflection.

Boost performance and collaboration

Once you’ve dreamed up those goals, it is time to bring the technology back into the picture, and this is where Viva Goals adds value. The first thing to know about Viva Goals is that while it can be used to set and track personal goals, it can also be used to promote company-wide effort. You can share or hide goals accordingly – so while you may not choose to include colleagues in your ambition to dead lift a hundred kilos or cut down your triathlon time (although you may be surprised at the extra support), you will definitely want to include them on improving customer satisfaction ratings.

Within the goals, or objectives and key results (OKRs, as Viva calls them), you can set subtasks. Within that customer satisfaction OKR, for example, a subtask may be allocated to an account manager to offer additional support when a new product is launched, while the support team may ensure prompt welcome emails that share how to put in a support request. Not only do people in each role get a better sense of how they contribute to overall goals, they can also get more immediate feedback on what is working, and what needs tweaking.

Progress is visible along the way

While users can check in to track activities at any time, Viva Goals sends reminders and weekly progress reports by email, and we have found these prompt an increase in positive social interaction. When someone achieves a difficult goal, or tracks above expected results, they will inevitably be congratulated by a teammate. Likewise, when one person is busier than expected, their teammates will have a better understanding of their priorities and offer help to keep the overall goal on track.

The value of this interaction cannot be stated strongly enough, especially for those working from home or on the go. After a tough few years where isolation and disconnection have been very real challenges, feeling included and recognised can make all the difference. The best teams are greater than the sum of their parts, and Microsoft Viva Goals does a great job of bringing those teams together and helping them shine.

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