Published on:

10 August 2017


Rachael Adams

Setting Up a New Office Space: TechPath’s Relocation Journey Begins

There’s a point that every growing business reaches. The office is bursting at the seams. Staff are working out of meeting rooms, and you have even claimed space in the office next door. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but moving office is daunting, and can be put off too long.

Finding the perfect office…

Remember the hours you spent searching for the perfect new home for your family? When it comes to moving office, take that and double it! Finding a space to fit 40 (and counting) team members wasn’t easy for TechPath… and car parking presented a challenge. Nobody wants to have their staff fighting over the last space in a 2km radius. Oh, and we also needed a convenient, easily accessed location that wouldn’t increase travel time for our team.

The planning stage…

They say moving house can be one of the most stressful times in our lives, but moving an office into new premises is no simple feat.

However, moving creates an opportunity for positive change. Our move will introduce a new working culture, with shared and open spaces, and natural light throughout. The new fit-out can increase productivity, attract new staff, and facilitate TechPath’s growth for many years to come.

The challenges…

Among the biggest surprises is timeframes. In our always-on era, we are unaccustomed to waiting for anything. There are property searches; contract periods; design planning and approvals; and contractor meetings. And that’s before the new fit-out even begins. Services were planned well in advance – internet may take 14 weeks to deliver, which will play a major part in scheduling our move day.

We are only at the beginning of our relocation journey, but we know it will be an exciting ride. There will be challenges that will test us along the way, but we are looking forward to the opportunities the move will bring, and the smiles we will see the day our team walks into their new workspace.

Moved office recently? We would love to hear your suggestions for what worked well, what you would have done differently, and any ideas for the ultimate fit-out.

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