Published on:

11 April 2019


Rachael Adams

Is it Time for a Tech Detox: 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Are you constantly checking for messages, emails or social media updates? Do you feel anxious if you accidentally leave your phone at home for the day (or for even a few hours)? In today’s technology-driven world, it is no surprise our screen time has significantly increased. But are we becoming a little bit addicted to technology?

By being aware of our relationship with technology, we can make smarter choices about keeping tech usage to a healthy level.

Here are 7 easy ways to reduce screen time:

  • Turn off notifications on your phone and computer – by doing this, you can decide when to check emails and other messages rather than be constantly alerted
  • Set social media limits – try only checking social media once a day and set specific time limits on how long you will spend browsing your feeds
  • Unsubscribe to anything you don’t read – reduce your already overflowing inbox by unsubscribing to newsletters and updates that you don’t get the chance to read
  • Set rules at home – make meal times and your bedroom a no-tech zone. It will also encourage healthy tech habits for your children
  • Get active – not only will this increase health and fitness, it can be a great way to spend more time with your family or find new interests
  • Be present at social gatherings – put your phone on silent and out of sight while at events with friends and family so you can give them your full attention. You could even challenge them to do the same
  • Track your usage – there are many apps, such as Screen Time for Apple iOS, that can monitor your screen time. Sometimes seeing the actual data and statistics is enough to convince you it is time for a break

Technology has huge benefits and has revolutionised so many aspects of everyday life. However, being able to unplug and have some time away from the screen is vital for our relationships and well being. So, is it time you took a digital detox?

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