Published on:

17 May 2022


Rachael Adams

Turn Microsoft Authenticator into Your Password Manager

Microsoft Authenticator can now securely create, store, and autofill passwords across your devices.

Users who rely on the Microsoft’s built-in password manager use stronger and more unique passwords because they don’t need to remember or type them as often. And because the password manager will only autofill passwords on the sites to which they belong, users are less likely to fall victim to a phishing attack.

Passwords are synced across your iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices using your Microsoft account, with the autofill feature working on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome via an extension.

Here are some of the top reasons to use Microsoft Authenticator as your Password Manager:

  • Generates complex and unique passwords
  • Free and available on all platforms
  • Integrates into your Microsoft account (work and/or personal) and is secured with a pin or thumb print
  • Ability to import and export passwords making it easy to move from an existing password manager
  • Computer browser integration for auto login into websites
  • Phone autofill for auto login into websites and apps
  • Securely manage and autofill payment information and personal details

How do I enable it?

  • Install Authenticator if you aren’t already using it

You should first download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. Open the app and tap the Passwords icon on the bottom toolbar. You can import passwords from Google Chrome, a CSV file, or you can add them manually. You can also generate complex passwords using this app.

  • To enable AutoFill on your phone

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords. Turn on ‘AutoFill Passwords’ and select Authenticator to make it the default autofill app. 

On an Android phone, go to Settings in the Authenticator app. Turn on ‘Set as autofill provider’ and select ‘Authenticator’ as the AutoFill service.

  • To setup AutoFill on Edge and/or Chrome desktops

Finally, you can use the Microsoft Authenticator autofill feature in the desktop versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome via an extension. Go to the Chrome web store to download Microsoft AutoFill and add the extension to the browser.

(Note: A Microsoft personal ID is free and currently required to enable autofill however it is expected that work and school accounts will soon support this feature).

If you aren’t already using a password manager, Microsoft Authenticator gives you a secure and convenient option in today’s ever changing online world. Talk to the TechPath team to learn more about enhancing IT security in your organisation, and follow us of LinkedIn for more tips.