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Fixed Wireless is a great option for businesses needing a temporary connectivity solution, and for locations that have no other internet options available.

Why Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed Wireless (also referred to as Microwave internet) delivers a high speed solution to businesses that have struggled to find other connectivity arrangements. Typically, this technology is available on a shorter contract term, is quicker to deploy, and is often available in areas that fibre connections are not. For some businesses, fixed wireless may be the only high-speed internet option that is available.

Who Is Fixed Wireless Suited To?

Most suited to businesses that are unable to source fibre internet or other high speed options, or businesses that are looking for a temporary or short-term internet solution.

What Is It?

Fixed Wireless delivers a high-speed internet connection via radio waves. This technology eliminates the need for phone or cable lines and instead uses a dish or antenna to receive data. It runs from point to point (dish to dish) and requires direct line of sight. It can be affected by trees, buildings, bad weather and electrical storms.

Where Is It Available?

Fixed wireless is generally available in areas that are dense with businesses, where there is a local communications tower, and on some taller buildings. There are several Brisbane based wireless carriers who cater to varying scale, price and reliability.

How Much Does Fixed Wireless Cost?

Due to the nature of the technology, fixed wireless can be costly with business grade often more than the price of fibre. It is usually a last resort for businesses that have no other option for high speed internet.

What are the next steps?

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