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Should my business consider moving to the cloud?

Running your operations in the cloud means you can access your data from anywhere, on any device at any time. Along with greater flexibility, cloud for business can significantly reduce costs as there is no longer a need to store or maintain IT Infrastructure.

Is the Cloud secure?

Moving to the cloud is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Keeping your data secure is paramount, and it is important to know where it resides and who owns its. TechPath makes moving the cloud easier with a full assessment of your business needs followed by expert planning for a seamless transition.

What you can expect from TechPath Cloud Hosting

  • Everywhere access to your files and applications
  • All applications hosted and managed in a single place
  • Unified and branded access for everyone in your organisation
  • Easy to use, feature rich admin suite
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Service level guarantee
  • Reduced IT Infrastructure costs
  • Local support from experts who care


“After years building a solid business relationship with TechPath, we entrusted them to transition our business to operate 100% Cloud based using their business and technology alignment framework. The migration was seamless and exceptionally well executed. Exceptional at what they do, even more important to our team, they are nice people.”

Cloud & Hosting Solutions We Can Help With

Cloud Desktop

Today’s workforce enjoys the freedom of operating on multiple devices. Whether logging in from a laptop at home, an iPad at a customer site, or using a smartphone while waiting at the airport, users can be more productive if they experience consistent services in a familiar environment. TechPath cloud desktop services allow your colleagues to log in securely from any location, on any device, and get the same look and feel they would experience in the office.

Hosted in our Brisbane-based data centre, your environment is built to offer you all the high-level services and resources you need to run your business efficiently. As your business grows and changes, or encounters seasonal demand, it is quick and easy to adjust your environment to meet these fluctuating demands.

With TechPath cloud desktop, licensing is included. For your peace of mind, automatic back-ups are included, and you have access to a fully redundant system, so you can depend on your business IT to be available whenever you need it. Our cloud desktop customers have access to TechPath’s skilled support service, so you can get on with your core business knowing your technology is in safe hands.

Virtual Desktop

Whether you’re a traditional, bricks and mortar business, or conduct all of your transactions online, there are some applications you just can’t afford to fail. TechPath’s virtual hosting provides dedicated resources on high-grade, fail safe servers designed to support your core business applications – without missing a beat.

With virtual hosting, you can take advantage of quality equipment, managed by a highly skilled team of infrastructure experts. Your dedicated web server, CRM system, email, and a host of other vital services can run at peak performance, with the flexibility to grow and shrink as needed.

With TechPath virtual hosting, you can expect to cut capital expenditure, as well as save on physical office space. You can install and maintain your own environment, or make use of TechPath’s service specialists to complete the picture.

Data Centre Co-location

When your business needs the guarantee of fast connections, optimal uptime, and very strong security, placing your critical IT infrastructure in a quality data centre makes sense. TechPath uses the world-class facilities of Next DC and Fujitsu data centres. These facilities include both physical server security and environmental control, as well as exceptional resilience.

With high bandwidth access, your data can be accessed quickly and securely from any location.  Data centre co-location gives you all the benefits of the best possible data centre facilities, while reducing the time and budget required to manage infrastructure.

Off-site Backup

Your data is vital to your organisation’s ability to function efficiently, so it is vital to protect it well. System malfunctions, human error and disasters can strike any business, so the right preparation pays off. TechPath’s off-site backup safeguards against these hazards, so that whatever happens, you have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

TechPath offers a full range of reliable backup and recovery services that can be designed to suit your specific needs. They are fully automated, so you can save staff time and avoid errors. You can restore your data from and to any location, and our specialists monitor your backup logs to prevent any issues. As you would expect from TechPath, the security of your data is guaranteed.

For more about smart, cost effective and secure backup options, contact the experts at TechPath.

Office 365

In today’s mobile, multi-device workplace, Office 365 is a powerful tool for working on-the-go. It gives your staff the freedom of working from anywhere, with any device, without losing the ability to access their documents and essential Microsoft Office applications.

Office 365Office 365 is easy to set up and use, and thanks to TechPath’s experience, it comes with 99.9% uptime. Software updates are automatic, and because it is subscription-based, you don’t need to keep track of licences. You just add or reduce numbers as you go.

With Office 365, your files are automatically backed up, and spam and Malware protection is built in, creating a secure, flexible and convenient way of working.

For more information about why TechPath is the Office 365 partner of choice for many Australian businesses, contact our friendly team.

Spam Protection

Protecting users against spam can offer significant productivity gains. Spam can choke efficiency and frustrate workers depending on efficient email communications. TechPath’s Spam Defender is a spam and virus protection program that is very effective, yet easy to use. Its capabilities reach far beyond other spam protection products on the market.

Owned and operated by TechPath, Spam Defender is a cloud-based solution that is fully hosted in Australia. Designed to eliminate spam before it reaches your network, it filters with 99.98% accuracy, saving a lot of time for busy employees. It ensures spam is not sent from your network, protecting your reputation and customer relationships.

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