Published on:

3 May 2012


Rachael Adams

5 Tips to increase your twitter followers

If you know what to look for, Twitter can open the door to sales opportunities, help you grow your audience, and take your business to the next level so why not take advantage of it?

    1. Listen and Follow

Find out who is talking about your brand and listen to them to find out what they are saying about you. You should also follow them in order to keep the dialogue going. In most cases they will usually follow you back.

    1. Partnerships

Crosspromote key partnerships. Mention them, re-tweet, and build a dialogue with them while becoming a resource for their followers as well.

    1. Search Bio/Backgrounds

Make yourself easy to find. Create a bio with a clear description of your brand and the kind of content that you intend to post. If you have various Twitter accounts that serve different purposes, ensure you make it easy for users to find those as well by listing them or creating a custom background with the address.

    1. Unique Content

Offer content to followers that is exclusive and they cannot find anywhere else. Statuses that provide breaking news for example will keep the users engaged. If possible, reward users by offering them chances to win prizes or gain points.

  1. Engaging Conversation

The best way to increase your number of followers is to engage your audience with valuable or entertaining content. Ensure you ask and answer questions and encourage people to tweet about their thoughts and opinions on important topics. Address their concerns and ask them for feedback while remembering to thank those that mention your brand, if appropriate.

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