Published on:

3 May 2012


Rachael Adams

Access internet on your notebook or pc via your iPhone

A lot of people know about this feature, but several times a week I remind clients that they can access the internet via their iPhone.While this access could be expensive if you don’t have the appropriate data pack on your mobile account; it does offer great low usage and short term access should your internet be down, you are on the road, or in some cases your mobile internet is faster than your ADSL.
This can be done via wireless or the iPhone to USB cable. On the phone click on “Settings”, then click “Personal Hotspot” and change the “Personal Hotspot” option to “ON”.The Wi-Fi Password area will show the password required to connect your notebook to the iPhones hotspot. The name of the hotspot can be found above (in my case “Troy – iPhone”).Once connected, the phone will display a blue bar at the top of the screen which also shows the number of connected users like below:

Important things to note:

  • Your battery life will be greatly reduced
  • Be careful of using over your monthly data allowances as this could be expensive. Check with your mobile phone carrier first to confirm the monthly included data allowances
  • Turn off the hotspot when not in use
  • Keep your password private
  • Avoid using when on data roaming (i.e overseas)

Next time you are stuck with no internet there is now a solution that does not cost any extra than the current phone bill being paid.