Published on:

10 April 2017


Rachael Adams

Why Your Business Must Have the Best Anti-Virus

Large or small, all businesses are vulnerable to security threats. Here we list five good reasons why all organisations need the very best anti-virus solution.

Protection from viruses

Even those who consider themselves to be tech savvy have allowed a virus to access their PC. Hackers are creating increasingly complex viruses and they can come from all types of sources. Websites, emails, document attachments, and the most concerning – people you trust. Once a virus has infected your computer it can drastically slow down your processing speeds, delete critical files and programs, and cause irreparable damage to your computer and network.

  • The best anti-virus applications on the market will combat 99.99 percent of all known threats.

Protection from spyware and identity theft

Spyware is a software designed to infect your computer to spy on you. It seeks and steals the personal information stored on your PC such as financial information, passwords, tax file numbers, credit card numbers and bank account details. Some spyware applications are so sophisticated that they can silently run in the background, waiting for you to buy something online to capture your details.

  • Anti-virus prevents spyware from entering your computer, protecting you from financial loss and identity theft.

Protection for other users

One unprotected computer can potentially facilitate the spread of malicious code by serving as the weakest link. Without an anti-virus application securing your system, it is possible that you could inadvertently send malware or viruses to anyone in your contact lists.

  • Protect not only your own business but everyone else around you by ensuring you have a highly effective anti-virus installed.

Protection for your reputation

A company’s reputation can be the biggest casualty in a security attack so it is more important than ever to protect your organisation from the damage a hacking can cause. Simply clicking a link can be all that it takes to compromise your system, with the potential for a hacker to steal your pertinent information such as customer records.

  • Avoid business disruption, loss of Intellectual property, exposure of customer information and financial impact by ensuring you install a reputable anti-virus that protects against viruses, spyware and phishing attacks.

Protection for productivity

Computer up-time is paramount to the success of almost all organisations. Imagine if your entire network was unusable because of a security attack. Repairing the damage can be costly, not to mention time consuming.

  • Today’s antivirus programs offer fast scans that occur in the background. Your devices won’t slow down and your business can continue working safely, without interruption.

Anti-virus is just one of the ways to protect your business. In an era of increasingly volatile cyber security, businesses must implement layers of security to ensure the ultimate protection. To learn more, check out our articles on spam protection, email threats, gateway security and user awareness.

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