Published on:

10 April 2017


Rachael Adams

The Ultimate Spam Protection for your Business

Protecting users against spam can offer significant productivity gains. Spam can seriously impact efficiency and frustrate workers who depend on efficient email communications. Having an effective spam protection program in place is vital in today’s business environment.

TechPath’s Spam Defender is a cloud-based solution that eliminates spam before it reaches your network. It filters with 99.98% accuracy, saving time for busy employees. It also prevents spam being sent from your network, securing your company reputation and customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Protection from threats – protects users against emails containing viruses, worms, phishing attacks and attachments with malware
  • Reliability – industry leading rate of over 99.98% filtering accuracy
  • Increased productivity – save time by filtering out unsolicited and unwanted emails from inboxes before they reach your network
  • Lower costs – cloud based solution with no additional infrastructure or licensing is required
  • Always up to date – updates are automatic so you always have protection against the latest email threats
  • Easy to setup – quick to deploy with immediate email filtering
  • Customisable – manage organisation wide security polices
  • Advanced features – white and black lists, comprehensive log search and message tracking
  • Reporting – visibility of identified threats and filtering effectiveness

Check out our video to find out more.

Spam protection is just one of the many ways you can protect your organisation. Security threats are becoming increasing sophisticated and system vulnerabilities can present huge risks such as service disruption, data theft, damage to reputation and lost revenue. It is now vital that companies have layers of security in place to guard against threats.

In addition to spam protection, anti-virus is essential for the detection and prevention of malicious software, and we recommend that our customers go one step further with gateway security. The more security layers you have in place, the less likely your organisation will fall victim to a security breach.

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