Published on:

14 March 2017


Rachael Adams

Top 10 Benefits of a Cloud PBX Phone System

Many businesses focus on the cost savings, but there are so many other benefits that come with a cloud based phone system. Here are 10 very good reasons why you should consider moving your communications to the cloud:

1. Lower hardware and servicing costs – eliminate the need to pay for expensive hardware installations, not to mention the maintenance costs of a traditional phone system

2. Reduced call costs – huge savings on domestic and international calls and line rental charges. Calls between all of your offices are free

3. Easy to setup – with just a few basic details your new business phone system can be setup and ready to use

4. Hassle free scalability – whether your business is growing or downsizing, a cloud phone system will provide the flexibility to add or remove users whenever the need arises

5. Your system stays new – features, functions and capabilities are continuously being added and upgraded to enhance the system, at no extra cost

6. Business continuity – reliability and uptime guarantees will ensure your business is always available

7. Increased productivity – keep employees connected to customers and colleagues wherever they are working

8. Multiple locations – tie all locations together with the same phone system with standardised capabilities, upgrades, processes and procedures

9. Customer Experience – automatically queue and direct calls to the correct department or user, with the facility to add hold music or messages to advertise your business whilst the caller is waiting

10. Advanced Features – call recording, voicemail to email transcription, and conferencing are just some of the many versatile features

Whether you are a small company looking for an enterprise grade phone system, or a larger company seeking flexibility and cost effective communications, a cloud based phone system can offer unbeatable value.

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