Published on:

6 March 2017


Rachael Adams

10 Tips to Improve your Health at Work

Stay focused, happy, and get more out of your day with our 10 tips to stay healthy in the workplace.

1. Set-up your desk correctly

Your monitor should be directly in front of you at arm’s length, with the top no higher than eye level.  The keyboard and mouse should be placed close to your body to prevent excessive reaching.

2. Practise good posture

Your feet should comfortably reach the floor when seated at your desk. As an alternative, a standing desk can offer numerous benefits for your posture and overall health. Avoid neck strain by never resting the phone between your neck and ear when taking a call.

3. Protect your eyes

Rest your eyes periodically by looking at objects in the distance. Ensure your monitor isn’t near a window and the background setting isn’t too bright.

4. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated helps with energy levels, productivity and overall health. Store a large bottle on your desk and refill throughout the day.

5. Eat light and healthy lunches

Avoid the afternoon slump by taking the time to pack a health lunch with lean protein and salad or vegetables.

6. Pack healthy snacks

Having fresh or dried fruits, nuts, yogurt and cheese available can help you avoid reaching for the office biscuits or colleagues lolly jar. It is best to drink caffeine in moderation to avoid the crash later in the day.

7. Take breaks and get some fresh air

Even on busy days, it is important to take a few moments to take a break and regroup. Plan holidays when they are due to recharge your batteries.

8. Wash your hands

The best way to prevent yourself from getting sick is by washing your hands often. Wipe down your desk, keyboard and mouse regularly with antiseptic spray or antibacterial wipes.

9. Avoid others who are sick

Avoid close interactions in the office with those who are not feeling well, and take the day off if you are sick to avoid spreading illness to others.

10. Maintain a healthy balance

Find ways to reduce stress and take the time out to look after yourself. Getting plenty of exercise and sleep helps you both physically and mentally.

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