Published on:

22 June 2017


Rachael Adams

Customer Experience: How Does Your Company Measure Up?

What do our customers really want? It’s the burning question asked by many companies, and the truth is, unless we ask we will never know.

In today’s fast paced and competitive business world, specialising in a product or service is no longer enough.

“The overall experience is what differentiates a company from the rest of their field”.

Customer experience involves the end to end journey, not just the emphasised touchpoints or critical moments when a customer interacts with an organisation. It means paying attention to the entire experience from the customer’s perspective.

By giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and rate their interactions, you will gain invaluable insight into your services, product range, internal processes and the overall ‘experience’ you provide.

Once you pinpoint the required changes, you can also identify appropriate measures to benchmark the effects of your continual improvements. It is best to keep this process as simple as possible and one way to do this is to utilise NPS (Net Promoter Score).

NPS is a measurement tool used by many of the big corporations including Apple, Amazon, Costco, Zappos, and Coca Cola, and asks one simple question to measure customer loyalty:

“How likely is it that you would recommend our organisation to a friend or colleague?”

Respondents fall into one of three categories:

  • Promoters – Loyal enthusiasts who keep buying from you and urge others to do the same
  • Passive – Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitor offerings
  • Detractors – Unhappy customers who have the potential to damage your brand

Using these responses, you can identify the percentage of customers who would promote you, and form a baseline to gauge your performance and improvements over time.

Organisations that skilfully manage their entire ‘customer experience’ have the potential to reap enormous rewards: enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, more referrals, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction.

The smallest changes can make a massive difference, so it raises the question – have you checked your customers’ experience lately?

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