Published on:

12 February 2018


Rachael Adams

Customer Experience: Embracing Change

Implementing a customer experience program within an organisation can be a huge shake up for employees. It uses processes that involve thoroughly looking at the way team members conduct everyday business and often raises the question ‘could we be doing things better?’

Highlighting success is great for morale, but it’s the feedback that pinpoints areas that may need improvement that can initially be a hard pill to swallow. No one likes criticism, and it is often our mindset to take it as a personal attack. We instinctively have a predisposition to believe that highlighting these areas means we’re doing something wrong.

So how do we change this mindset and why is it important?

Understanding that we are not all experts is an important first step. We all have room to grow, nurture and develop our skills.

Driving a focus on personal development and continued learning, in an effort to improve the workplace for everyone, should be an ongoing pursuit. This can be best achieved by engaged leaders who not only live and breathe company values but actively demonstrate and encourage others to do the same.

When an individual requires training in an area that has been identified, it is important to help them understand why it will benefit them. It may be that it can help facilitate their growth, empower them with the knowledge and skills to tackle similar challenges in the future, or simply lift their confidence within a key competency.

Individuals within a team can be our greatest assets in uncovering others who may require additional development, after all they are working closely every day. Giving them an opportunity to help their colleagues to grow can reduce the reoccurrence of the same issues arising, strengthen their team’s collective skillset, and show they care about their work mate’s development within the organisation.

How does this impact customers?

A better engaged team will create more positive outcomes for clients. When an individual feels confident in their knowledge to perform a task, it is projected in the way they communicate, helping them to build better customer relationships and strengthening the success of their team.

Organisational mindset and implementing positive change through employee ‘learning’ and ‘engagement’ continues to be an area of missed opportunity.  If a focus on customer experience is part of your organisation, then driving these two areas is paramount.

What about teams of people?

Understanding how intrinsically we collaborate and work together is powerful knowledge that we can harness. Throughout human history, our development is attributed to our ability to identify areas of improvement by adapting and overcoming obstacles. Collaboration examples are prevalent in todays society, we only need to look at sports teams who study and analyse their gameplay to understand areas they need to improve and to identify better ways they can interact as a team.

Change is a necessary part of business. By embracing change, we can develop and grow as an organisation, resulting in stronger relationships and greater success.