Published on:

16 January 2018


Rachael Adams

Delivering What Customers Want

Most of us remember the movie ‘What Women Want,’ starring Mel Gibson. Nick a chauvinistic sales executive miraculously gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts.

He uses this insight to tailor the way he interacts with women, and to help his relationship with his teenage daughter. But it has a single flaw – he is using deception to get what he wants, his conscience suffering as a consequence.

Traditional methods in business have used the deception tactic for centuries, employing trickery and psychology to manipulate the client to get what they wanted.

In todays business world this methodology is fast becoming a forgotten trend, people are no longer fooled by smoke and mirrors, and rightly so.

Customer Experience (CX) is no longer a niche offering delivered by the enlightened few. It is now widely accepted as an expectation. TechPath has been aware of this since its inception all those years ago when CEO Troy Adams was a young budding entrepreneur. He realised there was a business opportunity in the ICT industry to deliver an exceptional level of customer experience. TechPath have since modelled the entire business around this, and you only need to look at Troy’s transparent office to see an example – refer image at the top of this article!

Mel Gibson’s character missed a simple solution to all his problems, listening and genuinely caring, and in the end came to this realisation, at a cost, when he lost his newly gained ability.

TechPath is constantly looking for ways to improve customer engagement and our listening skills. We have developed training for our team with a focus on this, and in 2018 TechPath will further explore the journey that our customers take when interacting with us.

How we listen is equally important

We take your feedback very seriously and our ultimate goal is delivering what customers want.

We can’t do this alone. If you have received one of our Customer Experience Surveys you have the power to help us improve. By filling out the comments section you will give us greater insights empowering us to serve you better.

Better business relationships are not only built on trust, they are built on delivering on expectations, providing a better customer experience, and learning from what customers are telling us by genuinely listening and taking action.

Learn more about TechPath’s Customer Experience Program.