Published on:

6 December 2015


Rachael Adams

Password Protection

Creating unique and secure codes is crucial to protecting yourself against digital theft. Surprisingly both “password” and “123456” are some of the most common and amongst the worst passwords still being used on the internet.To secure your digital identity from hackers and other malicious activity, we have compiled some basic tips for creating a strong password:
  • Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long
  • Include a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols and spaces
  • Do not use your user name, real name, company name or a complete word
  • Create an acronym using an easy to remember phrase. For example I can’t wait to go to Italy next year becomes IcWtgT1ny!^
  • Ensure your password is significantly different from previous passwords
It is important that a different password is created for each new website or service you sign up for; that way if one system is compromised your other sites will not fall victim.Having trouble remembering all those different passwords? Try using a password manager application that organises and protects passwords such as LastPass, and SplashID