Published on:

6 December 2015


Rachael Adams

Windows 10

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10. The new package is set to revolutionise the way software is managed by offering a ‘software as a service’. Here are some of the new features:

System Features

  • New easy to use start menu provides one click access the functions and files mostly accessed
  • Shut down and restart controls are no longer hidden
  • Multiple desktops

Updates and Security

  • Continuous small updates rather than larger version upgrades
  • Free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users
  • Improvement in resistance to breach, theft and phishing through the introduction of user identities
  • Additional layer of security enabling protection of data when it moves between your tablet or PC to a USB drive, email or the cloud

Introducing Cortana

  • Cortana is the default search agent for Windows 10. Hit the windows key and simply start typing to search for an application or item. The system can also respond to other types of requests such as a calculations or phrases eg. ‘Brisbane weather’ and results will display directly in your taskbar. Voice recognition is available if the device’s microphone is enabled, a plus for tablets that lack a physical keyboard. Cortana is set to be launched in Australia later this year.