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21 August 2012


Rachael Adams

Protect your Facebook information

It is important to be aware of the information you are sharing on public and social websites like Facebook.

Below are the basic instructions on how to configure the Privacy Settings on Facebook.

Log into Facebook, click the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen and select “Privacy Settings”

The first step is to set your global “Default Privacy”. 

This setting will apply to the status updates and photos you post to your timeline.

The final step is to  individually configure the settings (if desired) for how you connect, timeline and tagging, ads – apps – websites, etc.  This is done by pressing the blue link next to each item as per the below image

And then you’re done.

A really good tool in Facebook is the “Blocked People and Apps” feature.  Great to block those annoying apps and games that alert you about your friend’s actions all day.

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