Published on:

22 February 2017


Rachael Adams

Voice and the Cloud: What You Need to Know

Think back to your last few interactions as a customer. Were they via social media? Instant message? Email? These options are terrific for quick, simple communications, but for the most important interactions, nothing beats the immediacy of a phone call. In spite of a myriad of choices that businesses provide their customers, the phone system is one of the most important ICT choices they face.

Typically, this importance has been reflected in the expensive price tag and costly support involved in on premise PBX technology. Yet in the new era, on premise systems are starting to seem rather dated. The big up-front costs and external expertise fly against the pay-as-you-go trend, with the bill for calls and line rental dreaded by most finance departments.

It isn’t just the price tag of maintaining the PBX though. If you want more features, it is going to blow another hole in your budget. As for growing your business beyond the capacity of your equipment – let’s just say that it takes some considerable financial planning.

The Benefits of Cloud

The cloud era has brought much-needed relief for organisations of all sizes. Not surprisingly, the lack of massive up-front costs is popular with TechPath customers, but it is the predictable ongoing outlay that makes the accountants happiest. No more line rental, no excruciatingly expensive engineer visits, and plans ranging from per call to unlimited calls.

It would be easy to think making the switch is all about cost, but that would seriously underestimate both the productivity benefits of Cloud PBX and the ingenuity of Australian businesses. We’re seeing some organisations able to offer new services now they can work from any location around the world. The ability to expand the system into home offices in any state has led to customers offering new, flexible workplace models that are both family- and budget-friendly.

Speaking of productivity, it is amazing how many customers resort to ringing the wrong phones because it is too hard to get through to the right person. It is a problem that is often too expensive, or near impossible, to resolve on the current phone system, so the business develops an unhappy work-around.  Aside from the cost to business of having employees interrupted to take a call they don’t need to be involved with, the customer often ends up frustrated. Such situations are easily avoidable, and, increasingly, tech-savvy customers know it.

Simplify Business Operations

Administration becomes easier too. If you’ve ever sifted through phone accounts for multiple locations, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of a single solution that covers all offices. Meanwhile, features like voice mail to email, automatic attendant, music and advertising on hold, and automatic night switch are designed to make life easier, while presenting a more professional business image. They even come without the eye-watering cost you associate with traditional on premise PBX.

Before you rush off to invest in Cloud PBX, it is worth considering how to get the best outcome. Some businesses have struggled with VoIP, and the quality of your customer interactions is too important to put at risk.

The key is a business quality internet connection, with the right router, and an agreed quality of service to handle VoIP. Getting internet and Cloud PBX from the same supplier is recommended, not least to ensure they take responsibility and have no outlet for buck-passing. And don’t be afraid to have high expectations – a quality solution, configured right, will produce a perfect call 24/7. With a great voice service, you become free to make that meaningful connection you need with your customers.

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