Published on:

19 October 2018


Rachael Adams

TechPath Case Study – Reducing Phone and Internet Costs

Managing costs would have to be one of the most common challenges discussed when we meet clients. No matter how frugal you are, how well you educate staff, costs of many essentials continue to rise – but putting up your own prices may make you less competitive. Many of the businesses we work with are seeking a fresh perspective on how they can use technology to keep costs under control – and there are many ways we can help. One of the easiest, though, is also the most often overlooked.

For small and medium businesses in particular, phone and internet are some of the biggest monthly costs after paying rent. Most are careful to do due diligence, comparing packages between the main suppliers and perhaps a few of the niche players. They manage without some of the premium features, to keep costs down – but it is a play off between appearing professional and avoiding a greater monthly bill shock. Such was the case with a recent customer challenge we encountered.

The Situation

Our customer, an accounting firm with 10 staff, had four separate providers for communications: one each for phone lines, VoIP, phone system support and internet. With two of the staff based offshore, essential communications had become challenging thanks to slow remote access speeds. An aging phone system meant that staff had to forego features like voicemail to email, and while on the surface the system seemed cheap, the time, energy and external support costs built up. So did frustration as the accounting firm tried to manage four providers when issues arose.

The Solution

Technology has come a long way since that old phone system was installed, and we assessed current possibilities against the customer’s business. The process was quick and painless – after gathering some simple information, our specialists weighed up costs, management and reliability of available options, and recommended 400Mbps fibre internet with cloud PBX.

A Transformed Business Outcome

It is amazing how much difference a rethink can make. Initially, managing costs was a focus, and a reduction of 10% on single bill has made our accounting client happy. We knew, though, that we could do better than just improve the bottom line. When the customer said faster internet would be nice, they didn’t expect it to accelerate to 40x faster. In a modern accounting business, this opens up opportunities to serve clients better, and to save time for the team of busy professionals.

Having a single provider with local support means that the accounting firm no longer has staff stretched thin trying to wrangle an old phone system or getting passed around between suppliers. Adding phones for offshore staff is easy, and they can collaborate readily with the team now they have quick, dependable connections with head office and beyond. Most such management is handled in-house in a few clicks, saving a lot of administration time that is better directed elsewhere.

Saying Goodbye to Bad Internet

There are many internet options beyond the obvious, and no matter how small or large your business, there is no need to settle for second best. Fast, reliable internet is the key to many important business applications, and the foundation to communicating with customers and suppliers. TechPath is an ISP and has access to lines with all major internet carriers. Our customers benefit as we act as a single point of contact, provide the best available internet solution, and cover all support issues with a guaranteed service level. None of them miss taking time out of their day to deal with other suppliers.

Want to know if you could be slicing your phone and internet costs and achieving reliably higher speeds? Contact our friendly experts today.